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Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
« Reply #30 on: 5/10/09, 21:31 »
what is going on with you?Please, tell to us when is the test day?Oh, dear, I will keep my fingers crossed  for you!Best, best wishes for you, for one positive beta hcg!!!! ^pray^ ^pray^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

 I hope you are ok ^reiki^ !!You are 9th month, the last one of pregnancy?How do yuo feel , now?Is it much more dififculty?
Do you have someone to  help you, now?We are alone, my husband and me, without grandmothers service, they are not live, sometimes I have a bad moments and I really need help...I hope you are understund what I mine....

About childbirth, it is a same situacion, like in you country, but I did not speak with my dr, it is too early, but I am not sure about naturale childbirth.. I dont know..my years, I am 41yo, first pregnancy, ivf, width pelvic ...We will see, its better to be natural.....

Last one, just if you want to answer , please, tell me : What is you plan, do you want to tell to you girl about donor egg? Or not?What is you opinion, about this? If this question is not ok, please, forget it!Thank you!

I will wait for good news  :)  ^reiki^


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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #31 on: 10/10/09, 00:06 »
    Hello ladies :)

    Sorry the delay of the report!
    The result was positive ^daisy^
    I can't believe!!
    I will report the detail later!

    Izabel, are you going to have a naturalbirth?
    It is very nice, and I am looking forward your baby birth soon.^pray^

    Lillika, please let me consider together the matter of telling child about egg donation.
    Oh, I am happy to talk each other about many things.

    Thank you for yours messages
    Have a happy Halloween with our babies ^PumpkinSmoking^

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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #32 on: 10/10/09, 20:55 »
    Oh, that is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations ^fairydust^

    This is a really topic for successful treatment at Ava-Peter! :) ^Cuddle^

    Great news,Mana! ^reiki^

    Of course, I am stll here! ^hugme^

    Evita, how are you?I hope you are good,take care,it will be so soon ^reiki^!I will think about you end you little girl an I am sendinig a lot of positive energy!!!! :)

    Big hug for you girls!

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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #33 on: 10/10/09, 20:59 »
    how much is you beta hcg???Mine was 357, and it is one baby!

    .. first US was planned for 7th week, as dr. Olga said.
    By, Lili

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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #34 on: 21/10/09, 03:18 »
    How are you girls?
    I am very fine :)
    Autumn is suitable season for eating, sports and art in my country.
    I have a good appetite and I don't feel any morning sickness..
    Am I OK?
    Lillika, thank you very much for your congratulation ^hugme^
    After positive result by urine test,I was really shocked by the blood test result.
    The HCG was under only 1!!
    My local doctor said to me that result is negative..
    But I believed the pregnancy, and also Dr.Olga kindly sent me Email to continue all medicines.
    So I kept medicines and sometimes did urine test and the result was always positive.
    As a result I could see a "gestational sac" on last Tuesday.
    And I could hear the hearbeat yesterday ^fairydust^

    It is one little baby.
    I am very happy to see my baby. :)

    I don't know why the first HCG was such a law level.
    But I don't mind the result now because I am pregnant certainly.

    So I can not tell you a correct number of HCG.
    I am sorry..
    However please enjoy our pregnancy together ^reiki^

    Evita,I wait your good news ^pray^
    Please take care!


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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #35 on: 24/10/09, 10:50 »
    Hi girls,

    I'm sorry it took so long for me to post.

    First of all, Mana, CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am so happy for you. It's a weird story though, having a positive urine test and a negative blood test. Maybe they switched blood samples? Anyway, it's a good thing Olga told you to continue your medicins. And it's wonderful you already heard the little heart of your baby beating.

    Lilika, how are you doing? I hope you and your baby are fine. You asked about telling the baby about egg donation. In my case it's egg donation + sperm donation. I intend to tell her the truth, starting from a very early age. I want to be honest to my child, and keeping the truth from her on such an important matter would feel like lying. I think that by telling about the egg + sperm donation at an early age, it will be a normal part of the childs life, and not come as a shock. I think it's more damaging for a child if it suspects there is a secret, than to know the truth. Of course this is very personal. But suppose you decide not to tell the child about the egg donation, and it finds out by accident. The child will feel betrayed by you and it can cause serious identity problems, especially if this happens during the childs teen years. Still it's a choice each couple has to make for themselves.

    My baby is still safe and sound inside of me. Today I am 38 weeks pregnant. Nothing much is happening yet. But of course she can be born any time between now and 4 weeks. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and to hold her in my arms. But on the other hand, I also enjoy having her inside of me. This will probably be my last pregnancy, given my age and the fact that I'm single. So I want to enjoy every minute of it to the fullest.

    Thank you for thinking of me and sending me positive energy, that's really sweet. Of course I'll keep you posted when the baby arrives!

    All the best to the both of you for now,

    Bye, Evita

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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #36 on: 27/10/09, 11:04 »
    Oh, Evita, I would like to know where are you, in this moment...did you, in the meantime, hold you girl? :)Or, still wait childbirth?I will wait news about you!

    Thankyou so much for you opinion,...for me,  it is very difficulty to express on eanglish what I really mean about this...I am not absolutely sure in my definitive decision, for now...But, I agree with a reasons  wich you told!I dont know,yet,...in a case where I have a husband and he will be naturale father...We will see...On the other hand, I dont like lies in our life! it is unpleasntly ballast!And I am not person like that type .......For now, I enjoy im my baby, I had anomaly US scan,last week,  everthing is perfect, and I am so happy!!!

    And....girls I can tell to you: It is a boy! Son!

    Mana, how are you?

    Ha, I understand you good appetite,wery well,  but your  baby dont need, for now, much more food ;)! Take care about weight  specialy in this period ???
    I had morning sickness between 8-14 weeks.That can be very severally, I had sickness in the evening or in the afternoon ::)
    You story is a really curiously,and dr. Olga is really great doctor!I sent to her one email these days, to inform her about sex selection of our baby, she answer to me, .....also, she is great person, I think.

    Something more for me....We  leaved 2embryons in SP,....and...I thinking ...very often.... about one more child ...My housband does not has eny brother or sister,... So, I do not like  to let ours baby alone.....We will see... :)

    Girls ,
    a lots of love for me,

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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #37 on: 5/11/09, 04:35 »
    Hello girls!
    How are you?
    I am very fine and my baby is about 9 weeks old.

    Izabel, have you already hold your baby in your arms?
    If so, you are very busy now aren't you?
    Anyway your baby girl is certainly your family!
    Please enjoy a new born baby period.
    It goes very fast I think.

    Lillika,is your baby son?
    It is great :)
    It will be very fan to watch the game of the favorite football team with boy.
    And someday you will go to your son's game like me ;D

    In my case it is not my first pregnancy.
    I have two healthy sons and enjoying with them.
    One of them play tennis and one of them play football.
    And both of them have a blackbelt of Judo.

    After 40 years I wanted to have one more baby.
    But I could not pregnant because of my age.
    So I went to infertility clinic and try IVF several times but I was in failure.
    I cried many times..
    At last I decided to have egg donor treatment.

    And now I am pregnant so I am very happy :)
    I don't understand telling the truth to child now.
    But I will tell her when she marry and have a child.
    Well..the baby is my first daugter by PGD.
    I cannot imagine a girl in our family.

    Then please take care of flu.


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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #38 on: 18/11/09, 11:26 »
    Hi dear Evita and Mana,

    Evita, of course, you are so busy, now,  with you little girl. I hope you two are fine!
    I will wait you first report, after childbitrth, about everthing!I would like to now: do you have a milk for her?So, you dg, is a POF, like me, and I suppose you had a bed LH nad high FSH.The most important hormones are LH( progesteron and estradiol) and Prolactin, for a milk! I dont have my own production of these hormones, so, whats going on with milk for baby?Of course, I know, ...we have a food for a baby, but, it is much better mothers milk, is`t it?What to do? To continue with estradiol and progesteron, after childrbith or not? And on wich way??! ^idiot^Ask my dr, or ask dr. Olga? Pay for advice? ???

    Mana, I did not know! You have a two son!!Great!May I asked you, how old are you?What is you opinion about hormone supstitution, to get a milk for a baby?I dont know is it possibly ^idiot^???
    Lillika,is your baby sons?
    Yes,it is a boy!! :)hahaha...My husband told to me, before  few days, ..so,  he like sport, exactly judo, like your son, but I said: no, no, I would like to be a dancer, but for ours national dance!It is very attractive dance!But, that is a joke, we will see, just to be helth child!It will be our first child and ours excitement is so strong!

    What abotu flu shot?To get or not flu  vaccine?I am afraid about it....Mana, did you tolk with you dr, about flu shot?

    BTW, I am 27 weeks old pregnancy!

    Specially for Evitas girl, smoll present: ^pinkted^

    a lots of  love

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    Re: Successful treatment at AVA-Peter
    « Reply #39 on: 22/11/09, 08:18 »
    Hello girls.

    Lilika, I am 46 years old now.
    My elder son is 21(College student) and younger son is 17(high school student).
    Oh my god they grew up very quickly..

    I don't understand about hormone substitution,sorry.

    I am almost 12 weeks.
    And do you know girls..Dr.Olga is also pregnant and she is almost 40 weeks :)
    When I met her on the end of September,
    I thought she is probably so but I did not asked.
    So I was very happy to hear the news from her on email.

    I got very strong baby dust shower when I was transfered by her ^fairydust^
    She is an able person as a doctor and she is a good mother I think.
    I also want to be a good mother for my  sons and baby.