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Sorry to start another new topic but I have been searching the boards for help and can't find anything relevant.

I have just had my 2nd DIUI cancelled due to poor response to clomid (50mg). It came as quite a shock as my first seemed to go ok, I had 1 follicle at 18mm (although had to have the trigger and insem early as clinic was closed on Sunday). This time I had 1 follicle that only got to 14mm and then just stopped growing and the doctor now says this is because I have PCO (first time PCO even mentioned!).
The doctor has really got me worried over this as he says that 40% of women just don't respond to clomid and if we move to injections the response rate is the same and we would likely have the same trouble with poor response in IVF! I feel like we have hardly got started with this and everything now looks so negative. I don't understand why it would work the first time and not now? The doctor then said because I am young (27) that DIUI with injections would be worth trying before DIVF so that's what we are doing. I know there are no guarantees with this but why is the doctor being so negative but then saying give it a try?

It also dosn't help when I told my MIL what had happen she said "oh, I was on clomid for a bit but it didn't do anything for me either...then I just got pregnant naturally (with my DH) ". !!! I'm thinking why would she say that to me, she knows DH is infertile so if we stop treatment I could never ever get pregnant!

Sorry for rant at end but had to let it out.

Feeling very worried and alone.



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    Hi Pinkcat,

    Sorry to hear about your tx being cancelled, that must have been very disappointing :0(

    50mg clomid is a very low dose, has your consultant suggested increasing the dose to try and get more follicles to grow?  It sounds like he's been very negative about things which is a bit unfair really!

    I'm afraid I can't really help with info about medicated IUI as I only had clomid IUI and have now moved onto dIVF but there are lots of girls on the "anyone using donor sperm" thread that may be able to help you.  Come and join us!

    As for your MIL, try to take it all with a pinch of salt (easier said than done I know).  People really do think that it's common for people to fall pg naturally even when they've been told there's no chance!  You wouldn't believe how many people have said that they're sure it'll happen naturally for us if we just relax lol.  Not sure how that's going to happen without any sperm  ;D

    Pippi xx