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LGBT Newbies Welcome Thread - post here to get started!

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I hope this is useful for any new people to the thread  :) :)

Excellent idea Ladylottie  :)


Newbie thread good thinking Ladylottie!!  :)

I suppose I should post here!!!

I don't really feel like a newbie as I have been lurking for a number of months but have only just decided to start posting.

My wife and I (well I am) are currently having treatment through LWC (stimulated IUI with Anon donor).  Due to the problems earlier in the month I didn't think that we would be able to start treatment this month but they opened the sperm bank up just in time for me to have my 2-3 day scan a little late at day 5 (but don't think this has caused a prob).  I have just got back from LWC today and we are set for IUI at 3pm tomorrow!!! I am starting to get excited especially as the sperm bank phoned me on the way home with the characteristics of the sperm. 

Hi to you all,

B x

Hi BaT

Welcome to FF!!

Goodluck with this cycle!

Em x


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