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Welcome Flatbingo!

This is a lovely site, I hope you'll find it as supportive as I do. I'm also using a KD and I inseminate the evening of the surge and then also the morning after. I think opinion does vary though, I tend to ovulate early morning on the day after the surge so those times feel right to me, but I think some women have a much earlier surge (the smiley face indicates ovulation will occur sometime between 12-36 hours later I think). Are you charting things like your BBT and CM? That can help you pinpoint when you are actually ovulating and help you decide when to insem.

There are a few posts further down the board on advice on home insems and on using a KD that you might find helpful too.



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    hey strawbs! i remember you well, you were having a break weren't you, redundancies and other horrible stuff? glad to hear things are getting back on track now. good luck with it all :-*

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    Hey Rosypie

    Yep thats me!! how are you?  DP lost her job twice due to a redundancy and then I ended up taking one so it was quite a lot of upheaval - so glad that's all behind us...

    We are back on track now and looking forward to starting in June..  Ive just joined slimming world to try and shift some weight before we start - so excited!!!


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    redundancies are awful. they had some at DP's work then she and her whole department all went part time last feb to save their jobs. she went full time again end of summer but it's still a bit hit and miss. we used to have all these plans around saving and/or paying off our mortgage etc. now we're just mega grateful just to be keeping afloat :). funny how your outlook changes.

    exciting for you though, i bet you're glad to be back in position to ttc. how frustrating for fate to conspire you a delay like that. we're all well here, boys are 2 and 4 now, and i'm starting to look and doing some things for me  :)

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    Hi People,

    After 18months we've we're finaly about to start our first NHS funded cycle of IVF with ICSI in Seacroft Leeds. Can hardly wait!

    Counting down the days and eagerly started a diary at the same time as accupuncture started last month, doing anything to keep busy cos so hyped!!!

    Hoping to meet others in similar stages to go through this journey for better or worse! Although the glass is still half full in this camp.

    If there's anyone out there in our neck of the woods, then we do hope they'll get in touch via this thread.

     :) K x

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    Good morning  ;)

    I've recently joined Fertility Friends and just wanted to say hello and to wish you all the very best of luck.

    Baby Blue  :)

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    Hi everyone

    I've been a member on here for a while and did post a couple of times but I'd have to say I'm more of a lurker then anything. I was planning on TTC with my gf of 7 1/2 years but unfortunately we split up after Christmas. The main reason being TTC, I've always known I was the one who was more keen and had been pushing things along, having a family and being a mum is something I've wanted for as long as I can remember. Anyway the split was ok - ish , we're still friends but just going our different ways. I can't really fall out with her for not wanting what I want because ultimately I don't want what she wants ( not having a family). So since then I've decided to continue on my own. My plan still is to egg share, I've seen the nurse, had bloods done which were fine and had counselling 2 weeks ago, I'm await the consultant appointment now on the 23rd March. I just can't wait to get going !!

    All my family and friends are sooooooo supportive and right behind me.

    So hello again to everyone I have been keeping upto date but hopefully as I get going I'll post more


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    Welcome Jodylala

    Feel free to join us on the single womens board too  :) :)

    God luck xx

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    Hi Everyone,

    My partner and I have been looking through this site for awhile and finally decided to register and post a message!
    We have been together for 6 years and had our civil partnership last year. We have been looking into IVF for a while now. Last year we went to London Womens Clinic - which we loved. We were planning on having treatment there but found out recently that we are eligable for funding on the nhs. So we are in the process of waiting to hear about the funding (and waiting list in BEDS!) for IVF. 

    That's it for now.

    Pixie Lolly

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    welcome pixie lolly... hope the nhs funding doesn't take too long. Good luck with the whole process.

    Rach x