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Thanks K,

How long did you have to wait?

Pixie lolly


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    hi everyone...i again am not exactly new i have been on and off these boards in the past mainly when i was trying to concieve for 2 years!! it took me 18 home DIY attempts and 1 failed IVF...i was sucessful with a home insemination. those 2 years were so awful....but i am so happy that it finally worked and those days are long forgotten. my baby is now 15 months old and i love been a mummy. would be nice to meet some other lesbian parents on here so thats why im posting really....want to try for number 2 soon maybe not sure lol x

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    Hi pixie,
     we waited 18 months, but nearly there!  :).

    Would love to meet other parents or potential parents on here, but not sure where people are based?

    k x

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    i'm based in derby x

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    papermache, there are a few of us over on the "babies, bumps, and parenting" thread. we're in n lincs (sc unthorpe) but there are folks from all over i'd say :)

    i also post on Rainbow Families which is a bit london-centric but there are a few groups of us dotted around the country who arrange regular (ish) meet ups. if you watch the boards you can spot them when they come up, or you could even suggest one. if your aim is to meet other lesbian parents and parents to be then if you cast your net wide you're more likely to find some like minded people (not to mention loads of support and advice).

    and welcome btw :)

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    welcome papemache...

    we are in stoke...maybe it would be good to suggest a spring get together soon...shall i put the idea forward on the b&b thread? could be a bit more northern this time....we enjoyed the last one....will post on the b&B thread and see if there is any takers!

    pem x

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    Thanks Angelmine


    My eggs are not growing as fast as they should be I have had my Gonal F upped to max dose 450 and been taking it for over a week now, hoping to have EC on monday...so tiring....  ^eyes^...

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    Hi Hebe


    I would just say go with your gut instincts about clinics. We recently wasted quite a bit of time staying with a clinic we had been with for ages because we didnt listen to our instinct that we should change.

    It was quite hard for us to change because we were mid cycle at the time BUT if we hadnt been I think it would have been a lot easier.

    Good luck!


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    Hi there,
    Thought I'd better introduce myself (although I have already gone and jumped in and replied to threads).  We've been TTC for 18 months now and are going to start our second fresh IVF cycle (my other half will be having, hopefully, our first child, and I will be having the second)

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    Welcome Hebe & Hales!

    So sorry to hear about your awful experience Hebe, sounds dreadful. I would defo go with your gut instinct re clinics, I'm changing because a. their IVF is too pricey & b. just didn't feel human to them (get in, get out, dont ask q's etc). I initially didn't want IVF but my IUI's didn't work & it will make more financial sense to do IVF as the chances are higher.

    Good luck all! xx