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welshginge - what clinic are you at? which one are you moving to?

hebe - definitely go with your gut instinct and change clinics. if it's any consolation i went straight fir ivf (did egg share) as it was the most cost effective way, and more likely to work. it was nowhere near as bad or as scary as i thought - no real drug side effects and apart from being sore day of and day after egg collection, felt fine. everyone's different though. which clinic you thinking of moving to? where abouts do you live? good luck.

lisa x


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    Thanks all for replying

    I think I'm going to try and suss out what my gut instincts are saying!!!!  It's hard as i don't want to blow it off on one bad experience - I'm in London so the consolation is there are plenty of clinics but the reason we went with LWC is it seemed so gay friendly!! Thanks also for advice on IVF it's good to know others have kind of fast tracked too.

    Good luck to you all too.

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    Hey Lisa - hope you & your little man are good. I was at Leicester Fertility Centre (LRI) but I'm moving to Care Nottingham but using the clinic in Leicester (Nuffield) for some appts. LRI wouldn't let me egg share due to 1 ovary & their IVF is 5,000. Care are at least giving me the tests to see if I can egg share, if not I'll still do IVF with them.

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    Welshginge - wow, i thought Leicester was cheaper than that!! I'm sure if Care won't let you egg share either, they may be other clinics that do so. Nurture in Nottingham may let you egg share? It really does keep the cost down if you can do it. Fingers crossed for you.

    Hebe - most clinics should be gay friendly. Best thing to do is probably to go to some open days to suss them out.

    Lisa x

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    Hello all, newbie just getting started though I've also posted a new topic. Looking forward to chatting with you all!


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    Welshginge - I just wanted to say best of luck with all your tests, I'm currently at care Nottingham and egg sharing ( don't start till June because of holiday ) but all can say is how fab I've found them so far !  Good luck !


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    Hi all

    We are just starting the process for our first IVF with me donating eggs to my partner.    We have been doing IUI on and off for six years (we have two amazing children, girl is 5 and boy is 3). 

    I had to loose two stone to get into a healthier BMI before they would use my eggs.   

    We also run a gay parenting group based in Cheshire.  It has been going over two years we meet once a month.  It is mostly women, although we do have a few gay dads.  Message me if you want details of our next meet up.   

    Look forward to getting to know you all


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    • Me and my best babba!

    welcome welshbean.......sounds like you have a lovely family....well done on the weight loss!

    a big welcome to all new girls...

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    Hello all,

    I'm new here and just wanted to post to share where we are at.

    We first approached our GP over Christmas and asked what our steps were to get a referral to nurture in Nottingham for DIUI / IVF. I have a lot of weight to move so started straight away and I have lost 2 1/2 stone since New Year :). GP was really good about the whole thing.

    I had a day 1-5 blood test which was fine however the day 21 ( taken on day 25 due to long cycles) did not indicate ovulation had occurred. The level was 20. GP thinks we mistimed the blood test and that we can take it again. I was gutted but she said that she would make the referral all the same.

    So now we are waiting for the initial appointment but we are not sure how long this will take. Does anyone know how long the referral will take and what happens after that? I am really excited but need to keep this measured as we are well aware that there are no guarantees and that money has to be a consideration.

    Thank you for reading x

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    Hi Lynz,

    Welcome! I'm sure you will find everyone very nice and helpful on here. I have really appreciated the support from everyone since I joined a few months ago.

    I think length of referral depends on pct/clinic and whether you are private or NHS. We tried to see if we were eligible on the NHS (nobody seemed to know!) our GP referred us to the hospital quite quickly for basic tests but then we had to wait for a panel to meet and see if we were eligible (they decided we weren't) and this took ages!

    But as soon as we decided to go private (Jan '10) we rang the clinic ourselves and booked our initial appointment for about three weeks away. After that everything happened quite quickly, a few more tests (blood group and CMV status to match with a donor) and then offered a donor in March. We started our first cycle of DIUI in April. Unfortunately we didn't complete the cycle due to over stimulation but hoping to start again later this month. I guess the timetable  will be slightly different for IVF but I'm sure some of the other girls can advise you there.

    Wishing you all the best for your treatment,