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Hi Mini Us,

Welcome to FF!!

We are also hoping to start around the same time as you.. i'll be carrying hopefully and have had a few bloods done and have our initial consultation with the Esperance next month on the 17th...

Where are you guys from we are from way down on the south coast near portsmouth...

Which clinic will you use?

Em x


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    Hi Mini us. I've blown you some bubbles for luck.

    Carrying together eh? That's brave. Good luck with your treatment! x

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    Welcome Mini us

    Good luck with both Journeys!!

    Natalie xxx

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    Hi all...

    Thank you for all your messages and sorry it's taken us this long to respond - work  >:(

    Em - How exciting that we're trying around the same time. We are in London and will be using the Bridge Centre. Enjoy your holiday and good luck for the 17th, I'll be having my 3D-HyCoSy scan the same day.

    welshginge - Thanks for the bubbles  :)

    Natalie - Thank you  :)

    Update: So we went to the GP to get DP's remaining 2 blood results and were told that the pathology lab missed them in the form from the doctor so she had to go back and do the test on the 21/08. I mean how can you miss something like that....there were 3 tests in the extra investigations section of the form and they did the one in the middle and managed to miss the one above and below it!  >:( She called the GP on Wednesday and was told that the doctor hasn't looked at the results so she can't pick them up. She called again on Thursday and was told the doctor's seen them and everything's a-ok. Went on Friday to pick them up and was told that she has to come and see a different doctor who needs to sanction release of results! So she's booked an appointment to see our own doctor who requested the tests as we don't really want to start dealing with a different doctor - so that's on the 11th.

    My period came a day early  ^banana^ so I booked my HyCoSy and that'll be on the 17th after which we have a consultation to discuss treatment plan on the 22nd. All things being equal, we can begin early October (me) and late October (DP). Fingers (& toes) crossed! ^doc^

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    Hi all,

    Been reading for a while now and following everyones posts, think its about time i introduced myself :) Myself and DP have been together 2 yrs and have decided to start TTC Baby #1 through DIY AI with a known donor. (Ill be carrying).

    Inseminated 5x over 5 days, CD 11 - CD 15, using a 'instead' cup. Now on CD 16.

    All fingers and toes are crossed, although sometimes i think to myself, its only our first month TTC, of course it wont happen. :(

    Nice to be able to talk to others that are going thru the same thing. So a huge hello to everyone!!!

    Amber xx

    P.s. Can i anyone tell me how i change the info on the bottom, like the 'signature' as such?   ???

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    Hey AmberKirsty & welcome to the boards! I've been using these boards for a wee while now & find it very helpful for knowledge & support.

    To change your signature go to profile (when you're logged in) and click forum profile information (on your left) & there's a box called 'signature', fill in & click change profile.

    Also welcome to the 2WW, don't let it drive you  ^idiot^ ;D. Good luck!

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    Welcome AmberKirsty  ^wave^

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    Thanks welshginge, got it sorted now :) I think.. lol  ;)

    The 2WW is going to drive me round the bend, im far too impatient!! ^idiot^ AF is due around the 19th so if the witch hasnt turned up by then it will be time to POAS. I have very high hopes..

    How is everyone else doing?? Thanks for the welcome Lottie :)

    Amber xx

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    Hello everybody,

    This is our 1st post here, hopefully the beginning of a long and fruitful "relationship" with FF.
    I will give a quick overview of our situation, and the fire away with a couple of questions.

    Me - 31 y.o. female, Australian & Irish, residing in the Middle East (laws are VERY restrictive here, so I am conscious of masking identity).
    DP - 35 y.o. female, Australian, also living in the ME
    We've been a couple for > 8 years, families are very supportive & we are financially comfortable.

    By the end of 2010, we will hopefully have moved out of the ME, and across to Ireland, or back to Australia.
    We would like to obtain anonymous sperm donation (considered and rejected the bro-in-law option) from a 'bank' towards the end of next year for natural DI.
    We like the idea of anonymity until the child is 18, and then the child chooses if s/he'd like to pursue identifying the donor.
    We will likely carry 1 child each (considered and rejected the idea of egg-swapping), and then seek to adopt a baby from a list of 3 or 4 particularly poor counties to which we have affinity. We would prefer to have both our names on the birth cert, but the board is very UK-centric and I am not sure if this is possible elsewhere.

    In Australia and Ireland, we cannot become CP's. Not yet.
    Access to fertility treatments are also limited in those 2 countries for us.
    Where would be the best place for us to begin this process?
    What age considerations are there for my DP @ 35 y.o?

    Thanks in advance for any tips, comment, support etc, and a general appreciation to all who contribute regularly to this board and make it the oracle that it has clearly evolved to become. ;o)

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    hi my names lynsey and myself and ann marie have been together for nearly 5 yrs ttc for 3 yrs we have just had our first attempt at iui at ninewells unsuccessful !!!  :'(

    its so hard trying not to feel disappointed would love to hear from anyone else in the same boat as us

    its so hard to find people in same boat as us noone is interested or take us seriously :'(

    ps lots of luck to you all ^reiki^