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« Reply #70 on: 12/09/09, 10:21 »
Hi everyone.
As the title suggests I am new to the site, I am a gay male from Nottingham and I have been with my partner for nine years now. I think we are in the ideal position to offer a child a home, preferably through surrogacy. I am looking for any advice as to where to start looking for a surrogate, is it necessary to use a agency, what costs might be involved? e.t.c
I have looked at some surrogacy options, mostly abroad but it all seems rather expensive, I appreciate that a child is a big financial commitment but I can't help thinking that the money would be better spent on the child's upbringing and education.
Anyhow please let me know of any information you might see relevant.
Thank you in advance.


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    Hello AmberKirsty - Have you found the other 2ww boards on here? This is the general one:


    And this is the LGBT one

    https://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=205119.msg3275090#new   :)

    Welcome Expats  :) - I hope you find FF useful

    Welcome ajacklin - Good luck with your journey to parenthood  :). Have you also found the general surrogancy board on FF? Its here:


    We also have an Ask a Lawyer thread here for any questions related


    Good luck all  ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    LL xxx

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    A very warm welcome to all the newbies!!!!

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    wowsers lots of newbies while i have been away!! Hi to all and welcome be nice to chat to you all soon come and join us on the general chat thread.. i have a weeks worth of gossip to catch up on and i hope to find some BFP's ladies  :)

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     ^hello^ everyone

    Just joined today - (civil) partner and I have decided to go for it and try for kids. She doesn't want to carry and I have classic broody pregnancy dreams so I'll be the one getting poked and prodded  ::) Hoping to get IUI on the NHS if we can, to be honest I haven't even been to the doctor yet but I wanted to get as much info as I could beforehand so I know where I stand legally, what questions to ask, what to expect etc

    I'm 38 so I know I've left it a bit late but better late than never, hopefully!!

    If anyone in Leicestershire has been through this I'd love to know what I might expect from our PCT?

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    Hey Schnozzles! Welcome to the boards. I live in Leicestershire too & our PCT is a right pain! They don't fund IUI & their IVF policy tries to exclude everyone (including us). But if you find out anything different, let me know. I'm undergoing IUI at Leicester Fertility Clinic & it's 900 per cycle inc sperm. There are other clinics in the surrounding areas, do your research before you decide. There's also egg sharing at some clinics which you then get your IVF free or cheaper but unsure of the criteria (i've not gone down this route as I only have 1 ovary so unlikely to be accepted as a sharer).

    Sorry if I've overwhelmed you so soon into your journey!

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    Thanks for the heads up, will let you know if I get anywhere.

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    Snozzles - we're  in Leicester too. If you meet the criteria (if neither of you have ever had kids, plus a few other things) you should be entitled to nhs funding. Not sure on their same sex couple policy. At the minute there's no wait at all to be seen at the Assisted Conception Unit at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, and they've got loads of sperm too. (they supply to other clinics as well cos they've got so much!) You get 1 ivf cycle on the nhs, and then get subsequent frozen embryo cycles free if you've had enough embryos to freeze some on your 1st attempt, and if your 1st ivf is unsuccessful.

    We went privately cos didn't want to wait for nhs funding (we started our journey just over a year ago). We went to Nurture in Nottingham, which has the best success rates outside of London, and is about 3rd in the country. The ACU in Leicester doesn't have great stats, but that's because they have nhs as well as private, so can't pick and choose their patients, unlike the private clinics!! We loved the people at Nurture, so went there (didn't look round Leicester cos didn't know until recently about how skewed their figures are due to the type of patients they take on. The consultant that runs it - Janine Elson - is lovely though).

    We had our first ivf cycle in june/july - i did egg sharing, so the actual ivf was free, we just paid for the sperm and the drugs (which were discounted). Unfortunately, Nurture (and most other clinics, if not all clinics) have an upper age limit of 35 for egg share, so you wouldn't be eligible.

    It's a very expensive game trying to get pregnant. It can also be a bit stressful. Try the NHS route, you may as well, and then choose a clinic with good results, and more importantly, who you feel comfortable with.

    Best of luck!!

    Lisa x

    ps. i can't help with IUI experiences, cos we went straight for IVF - but if you've got any queries about the IVF process feel free to ask.

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    Hi, am new to this site....so don't know if I'm doing this right.

    If all goes to plan my girlfriend will be having her first IUI treatment at LWC in Darlington next week. We are both very excited about this, and can't wait. We are hoping and praying that this treatment works :-)


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    welcome hotchickies... think i spoke to you a BC and pointed you to this site  :)

    Jump on the LGBT general chat thread i know a few of the girls used Darlingtons LWC, Cardiff LWC and come used London's LWC.. infact most of the girls on here used the LWC at one of the centres.