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I just wanted to let you know about Fertility Solutions. It's a programme that has been developed by Tracy Holloway who has many years experience working in the area of Fertility. It addresses physical and emotional blocks and supports couples to to find their best chance of conception.

The programme involves Theta Healing, Hypnosis and recognises the importance of nutrition.

Theta Healing is an energy healing which allows you to gently explore subconscious beliefs and negative feelings, effectively releasing them gracefully and easily. It has amazing results, I personally have found it transformational in my life. It can address both physical and emotional blocks to conception.

The hypnosis takes the form of CDs to listen to in between sessions and support the Theta healing by encouraging relaxation and preparing the subconscious mind for conception.

Fertility Solutions Practitioners will have knowledge of supplements and flower remedies to aid fertility but not all are trained nutritionists so may recommend you see a nutritionist if necessary.

I am a Fertility solutions Practitioner and have been using the programme to support myself on my own Fertility Journey. I wanted to let you know about it as I have found it so helpful for myself. Since using the programme (and acupuncture) I have found my stress is greatly reduced my periods are less painful and I have a happy life outside my fertility journey. I have just been referred to an 'infertility' specialist by my GP and the thought of tests to see what is going on actually feels OK (before I was dead against it and wouldn't even consider exploring it as an option). My fertility journey feels comfortable and positive rather than stressful and scary. I also know that if something comes up that changes how I feel about things I can always call on my practitioner and by the end of the hour I will feel fine again.

I haven't been diagnosed with any physical problems effecting my fertility but Theta healing can also address physical symptoms for example endo, pcos, fibroids and more. It's also excellent for supporting those going through treatments to aid fertility, not least to help releave stress. It is a comfortable and gentle environment to explore your options of having children be that IVF, adoption, surrogacy etc.

Then there are those who wish to put their fertility journey behind them and find ways to live a fullfilling and happy life without children. Theta Healing can support this too.

Anyway I just wanted to let people know about it as Theta Healing is less well known than other therapies yet I have found it to be really helpful. This website has more information on the programme if your interested: www.fertility-solutions.co.uk

Amy x

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