* Author Topic: any thoughts on reiki in pregnancy??  (Read 1502 times)

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any thoughts on reiki in pregnancy??
« on: 15/09/09, 03:41 »
is it safe etc?


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    Re: any thoughts on reiki in pregnancy??
    « Reply #1 on: 15/09/09, 09:43 »
    Hi there,

    I'm due to complete my Reiki II attunement in a few weeks and as far as I'm aware, as with any type of treatment (reflexology, Indian head massage etc.), the first 12 weeks are not normally treated in, but after this it's fine, obviously with consideration to the client being pregnant.  I have been using Reiki on myself all throughout my pregnancy so far and found it fabulous  :)

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    Re: any thoughts on reiki in pregnancy??
    « Reply #2 on: 17/09/09, 22:54 »
    Hi Maria

    Congratulations!!!! ;D

    Hiya I am a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki during pregnancy is completely safe as it non invasive and nothing is rubbed or massaged or anything, I also practice Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage these 2  treatments are not recommended as certain pressure points on the feet can stimulate labour and can turn the baby etc.  With Indian Head Massage the positioning it involves isn't ideal in PG and it can mess about with your bllod pressure a bit again not good! ^bigbad^

    Reiki -  I find it particularly good for an energy boost during the awful spells of tiredness!. Reiki only treats the areas and emotions that require treated but relaxes and revitalises your body and mind and is really only energy work. It is very peaceful and relaxing and helps with visualisations  which are also very good for you in pregnancy if you chose to do these on your own. My only concern would be positioning and comfort maybe when you go for Reiki ask if you can be treated lying on your side as lying flat on your back for spells of time isn't recommended in pg especially not if you are further on.

    I have treated myself daily since I started DR and was the only cycle I've had without major mood swings.(and the only BFP in 6 years) I have also been very poorly since I got PG and Reiki has really helped. I still practice  when Im able to and I also feel the benefit of this as do my clients. ^reiki^

    Good luck  and if you fancy it go for it always remember to advise your therapist that you are PG and obviously if they are experienced enough there will be no problem but if the therapist is nervous about working on you because you are PG Please find another one who is happy with this as it will not be as relaxing and rewarding experience it should be if the therapist is not entirely happy with the idea!

    Sorry for waffling

    Hope this helps