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Test Due Sunday 27th .... I think?!!
« on: 22/09/09, 14:03 »
Triggeredon the 12th, ET on 17th, does this mean I can test on the 27th, 14 days after trigger? Should I really wait until the 30th, 14 days after ET? God I'm going out of my mind...... Wishing all well, whatever stages your at! X


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    Re: Test Due Sunday 27th .... I think?!!
    « Reply #1 on: 22/09/09, 14:21 »
    Hi again

    What date has your clinic given you as your official test day ?  I would try and wait it out until the day they've advised as you're more likely to get an accurate result then, there is a reason for clinics giving OTD (official test days).

    If you had the trigger on 12 Sept, then I'm assuming you had EC on 14 Sept and a 3 day transfer on 17 Sept.  You'd only be 5dp3dt today which means your embies are only 8 days old....very early and would only have reached the stage to begin implanting in last few days.

    The trigger can take up to 14 days to leave your system.  The very earliest to test would be 14dpEC which would be like 14dpo (14 days past ovulation) in a natural cycle.

    If you've been recommended to test at 14dpt then I'd try to hold off until then...much better to enjoy being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) rather than test early and possibly get a false +ve from the HCG trigger injection or a false negative because you've not allowed the embies enough time to implant and release their own HCG hormone.

    Hopefully the extra meds your on (Prednisolone, Clexane, Gestone) will do the trick for you on 3rd time lucky (we chatted on the other board about these :) )

    Good luck ^reiki^