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new here and need advice on high fsh
« on: 4/12/09, 18:08 »
Hi everyone, i have to explain some background so bare with me please

I have  had 4 m/c the last on Oct 24 just after my 40 birthday. Previous to that m/c Dec 27 08. After that one my periods went all wrong, they took 3 months to come back. I only had 2 then they stopped again. It was a terrible time for me.

I went to see a consultant who asked me to freeze my pee 1 day a week for 2 months ( yes i had to keep it in my freezer!)she also took blood tests. I asked her if there was anything i could take to start my period as i was very regular before the m/c. She said no.

3 weeks later i received a letter from the doc to take provera for 1 week. I didn't have a proper period but some light bleeding. 2 weeks later I'm pregnant. Couldn't believe it. i m/cd at 6 weeks :'(

On Tue i went to the consultant for the results of the pee and blood (4 months ago). She said that i have premature ovarian failure and had a FSH level of 39 but my estrogen was normal!  She told me i wont be able to have a baby and will need donor eggs. I as gutted, i dont have any menopause symptoms.

I don't understand how she can say this on old results as i have been pregnant since then. Can anyone help explain it to me. I am thinking of going private for more tests as i have to wait 4 months to see her again. Can anyone tell me if there is anything i can do to help the situation. I have never carried a child full term.
 Thanks for reading all this

Helen x


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    Re: new here and need advice on high fsh
    « Reply #1 on: 8/12/09, 22:12 »
    Hi Helen

    I can't give you any answers I'm afraid but I wanted to say how sorry I am that you're having such a rough time. I know how hard it is receiving this kind of news at such an young age and not knowing exactly what it means for you. Would it help to discuss with the consultant the most likely reasons for such a high FSH level at your age? What did she say about the fact that you have conceived recently? I don't know if you can afford it but if you can it might be a good idea to be seen privately so at least you can get some answers sooner that 4 months?

    I really hope that you get the answers soon,
    best wishes