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Welcome to the Breastfeeding section!

Here you can find help and advice and also ask questions related to any aspect of breast feeding, including extended breastfeeding.

For help with breastfeeding including websites and helpline numbers -
CLICK HERE.  If you have any questions, doubts, or are struggling in any way, please do use these and/or post in this section.

For general BF'ing support -
CLICK HERE.  Please do post, even if the last post was a while ago - there are many members who have this thread on notify and will jump back on, not to mention new posters in a similar position.

For an excellent article with practical advice on increasing your breastmilk -
CLICK HERE.  If you are having doubts or perhaps worrying about your supply then this is for you.

Once things settle down, perhaps donating milk is something you'd like to consider.  As the thread says, it is a brilliant thing to do for babies who are allergic to formula and/or born prematurely and their mums are not able to feed them initially, so please do -

If you are wondering how long you should store and/or freeze your milk for then this is for you -

To read more about breastfeeding and your diet -

If you are feeling that you are the only left BF'ing and people are telling you that you should also have stopped by now, you have probably just entered the realms of extended feeding!  To chat with others in a similar position  -

Finally, I found that no one prepared me for the reality of breastfeeding i.e. that whilst it is the most natural thing to do, it won't necessarily come naturally as it's also a skill that you and your baby need to learn.  Please do
CLICK HERE and share your BF'ing experience with others and also, CLICK HERE for articles about the realities of life with a BF baby.

Chux xx

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