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1st Reiki experience...amazing
« on: 11/02/10, 23:59 »

Hi Girls, i know that this is quite a quiet thread but i just wanted to share my first Reiki experience from last week. Having been ttc au naturale for the last 4 years, and being particularly interested in holistic approaches i have tried reflexology, homeopathy and visualisation so decided having read of other very positive experiences i would try Reiki. I should perhaps highlight that i haven't posted on any FF threads for about 9 months as i went through a very negative time and just needed to not think 'baby' 24/7, part of the reasoning behind the Reiki was that it would help me rebalance these feelings which will hopefully in turn help me conceive...sorry totally boring  :-[

my session started really well my Reiki practitioner was totally lovely, she went through some medical info and we talked for a long time about my general health and how i felt emotionally. when i lay down i immediately felt very relaxed which was fab as i wasn't sure if i'd be able to just chill out immediately like that. As she placed her hand on my head the top of my crown went very hot and i could clearly see purple flower like images in front of my closed eyes. i didn't get such a strong image of colour or structure again but felt either very hot or cold as she moved over the other chakras. At the end of the session we discussed these things and she said it was very positive that i was able to tune into certain opening and closing of the chakras.

Since this initial session i have been feeling very positive and achy like my body is physically and emotionally realigning, i'm going again tomorrow and i think i might try and post to let you girls know whether it's any different. I know that not everyone believes that this type of treatment can help, but if nothing else its very relaxing and seemed to help me focus on the things i need to and not worry so much about things that i don't.

I hope that this may help anyone unsure of trying it, i would say its important to find someone you feel comfortable with, as with any treatment its an intimate experience as they are in your personal space and liking the person i think really enable me to relax and believe in its possibilty,

love and  ^fairydust^ to all
jo xx


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    Re: 1st Reiki experience...amazing
    « Reply #1 on: 12/02/10, 00:22 »
    Hi Jojo

    Sorry being nosey, did you share that you may have If issues, i'm thinking of trying reiki, but still unsure. Do i need to find one familiar with if issues?
    I would be very interested to hear about future sessions.


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    Re: 1st Reiki experience...amazing
    « Reply #2 on: 12/02/10, 12:28 »

    Hi Kazzz, yep unfortunately we do have a few probs i suffer with endo and have had that probably for about 15 years now but it was only diagnosed four years ago. I've now been diagnosed with high prolactin but we are waiting for me to have an MRI to confirm its pituitary related. The endo fingers crossed has settled a bit since a major op 2 years ago and it was following this that i tried homeopathy, reflexology etc. Both me an DH are taking vits etc to make us as healthy as poss and also cos since moving from Bristol to Bath we are awaiting a new referral to the Bath hosp for a bit of extra help.

    I decided to try reiki mainly to help me relax i am unfortunately one of those people who finds it impossible not to worry, and whilst i think that my other issues aren't helping my IF i think that my difficulties trying to relax and be positive should be greatly improved if i try reiki. The lady i've found doesn't specialise in IF but has other clients who come to her for both reiki and massage, she reassured me that reiki is a whole body experience, it heals and realigns everything and in a way that could help/aid IF. I would recommend trying to find someone who you feel comfortable with, when i tried reflexology i tried 2 different practitioners as i didn't feel very comfy with the 1st, she was lovely but it just wasn't the same as the other lady.

    The thing is there's no harm trying if you don't like it, or find it beneficial you can always try something else. The nice thing with the lady i've found is that she understands crystal healing, reiki, and also various massage so she's planning on alternating my reiki with Indian head massage, again to really help me relax. [bgcolor=#ff13ff][bgcolor=#7f00ff][/bgcolor][/bgcolor] 

    i hope this helps i'm going for another session this afternoon so i'll let you know how it goes and whether anything's different from last time.

    jo x