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yet another implantation question lol x
« on: 27/02/10, 10:26 »
I am 11dpo 9 dp IVFet I woke up with a deep pain on my left side radiating to my back & hip, now it is near where I get period pains & remaining in my back on the left side?
Could this be implantation or just simply the cyclogest pess?
I usually have sore boobs by now but nothing I suppose there are slightly bigger it's hard to tell with all the changes from the all the hormones lately! but probably not as big & full as there are when I'm premenstural....again can cylogest be the cause?
I know no-one can tell me for sure what's going on & I'm trying not to over analyse every little thing! lol  ^pray^ ^reiki^
ps It's probably my bowels or something ha ha  ^idiot^


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    Re: yet another implantation question lol x
    « Reply #1 on: 27/02/10, 13:12 »
    im not sure if it implantation, but i got my bfp a a couple of wks ago, i had pain in one side and then period type pains, i was convinced that was it but got my bfp, so it does sound promising, also i have been itching all over all week, and apprently its quite common to itch in early pregnancy( something to do with changing hormones) so that sounds like a positive sign aswell, good luck for testing ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^, hope you get a bfp.xx