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« on: 23/02/05, 20:43 »
Just wondered what the diffence is between taking cyclogest lovely pesseries once or twice a day? I have done both at different clinics. Will it make any difference? I'm on a nat FET 2WW and have been perscribed one(400) a day?  Would it make any difference if I took 2? Any info would be grateful?

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    Re: Cyclogest
    « Reply #1 on: 23/02/05, 21:31 »
    hi i am on 2 x 400 cyclogest yuk?! a day and 2 x duphaston 10 mg  a day ...
    morning and night...
    you might be on lower dose as you already have a higher progesterone level naturally......
    p.s i am not  anurse
    check with clinic i would...each one is different