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BFN for me
« on: 27/02/05, 19:28 »
Hi everyone,

Went to see my gynae this week, where I was told clomid has failed to make me ovulate.

Will now be referred to another gynae who deals with and I quote "women who are a bigger problem!"

Some how though I am not as devastated as I thought I might be.  As I was walking home I felt more relaxed than I have done in months, I guess now I know and the pressure is off for a while, its not, am I doing the right/wrong thing, eating the right/wrong thing, are we
doing the ^BMS^ at the right time, whats my temp, what does this and that mean, suddenly I have regained a part of my life back that had been taken over.  Yes I still want another baby but for now I just concentrating on the here and now and what I've already got.

I spoke to my gynae about low carb diet, he said he had heard it can help PCOS and outlined why, he agreed like me anything is worth a go, though he warned against Atkins diet-too extreme, and no carbs can lead to depression which we are prone to anyway, basically he said cut down rather than out, a balanced diet is a varied diet!  Anyway I am going to give it a go had my last roast potato today!  I feel I must be more careful what I eat as my mother(god rest her soul) had PCOS and insulin dependant diabetes, my father(god rest his soul)was also diabetic as is my brother, so I need to be sensible if I am to stand any chance of avoiding diabetes.

Thought I would also give Agnus doodah a go!

clairabeth xx


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    Re: BFN for me
    « Reply #1 on: 27/02/05, 19:58 »
    So glad you are feeling positive hun and that you feel you have regained part of your life, I guess for a lot of us we do feel like we've lost control so for me to read a positive thread like yours is wonderful. Keep the good thoughts going ^fairydust^