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Matilda Rose, Born Sleeping. Warning:Pictures added.
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Dear parents of Matilda Rose,

I read your text and it is painful to read that something that beautiful can go so very very wrong...

Looking at the picture I get so soft; it is such a beautiful baby. She must have felt your love over and over again being inside of you, and through you, being loved by her father... You have done so well and it is such a warm loving story of the short life of Matilda Rose. Anyone can see, you would have given the world for her.

I will wave up to the sky to your lovely daughter today. I would have loved to meet her down here or just see her play with friends.
She will always be here with you, her father and maybe other people. It is now up to you to tell her story... if you want.

Thank you for the story of Matilda Rose.
Wish you and your man well.



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