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Hi Girls hope im doing this correctly - just joined at the weekend. Wasnt sure whether to post this on the North East 
forum or the "over 40's" - have done both - hope its not overkill  ;D
My background - TTC since May 2009 - after undergoing a laparoscopy in July at hexham to remove a large cyst i was
diagnosed with mild endometriosis
and was told that due to that and the fact that i had a burst appendix resulting in peritonitis when in my teens i had a
blocked right tube and severe adhesions & scarring on both tubes. With that diagnosis and my age i was given less
than 1% chance of conceiving naturally.
I had my initial appt at the QE today and found the staff very friendly. The next step is to attend an information evening
and after that an appt with the consultant where we can ask all the questions we can think of (i have a list !!) and to
get the copious amounts of forms we have to fill in checked. I am also having acupuncture.



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