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Telling the child and other people, Chat/Support thread

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This is a support thread for those people
who plan to tell any child concieved that a donor was used

Anyone who is undecided may dip into both the telling and not telling threads
to get both sides, or ask questions.

Any posts belittling or disputing the choices others have made will be removed.

  I'm looking at the issue from a slightly different angle. I did 2 rounds of egg  share. Don't know if either recipient got pg or how many eggs they got. I sort  of askd when I called the clinic to inform them of Megan's birth and they said  someone would call me but they never did.
  My tell or not is whether to tell Megan that she may have siblings out there.  It's unlikely we will have more children unless another miracle happens.
  What are your thoughts on this.
  Joy xx

Thanks Dizzi this is a really good idea to have the two support threads without lists - and will continue to browse both I think as appreciate hearing all views about this difficult and sensitive topic :)
love Ceci :-*

just bookmarking x

♥ Mighty Mini ♥:
Thanks Dizzi  ^hugme^
 ^wave^  Ju  ;)


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