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Hi All

I'd love some advice or opinions.

We are due to start IVF shortly - expecting that our first appointment will be in February sometime.

I have been taking various prenatal supplements for two years and DH has been taking standard multivitamins.

We just switched to Wellman and Wellwoman preconception. We have had various tests and mine all came back
normal but DH has azoospermia (no sperm in ejaculate) due to undescended testicles as a child. The urologist gave a
30% chance of finding sperm via an operation. The sperm tests (he had two) said that there were very occasional non-
motile sperm.

We obviously want to give ourselves the very best chance. We did a hair analysis with Foresight, and the supplements
they have suggested will work out at just under 130 per month. Wellman and Wellwoman is 18-odd for a month
(though I would get some kind of Omega 3 supplement too).

I am a little unsure about all of this because of the cost and also the fact that if we have our first appointment in
February we might be starting treatment quite soon, possibly too soon to see any effect?

I would be really interested to hear other people's views. Even the Zita West special IVF supplements are a lot cheaper
than Foresight.


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    Hi Socialchameleon,

    Thanks for your reply. That's really helpful actually! I think I was just hoping someone would come along and verify my gut instinct to continue with the Wellmans for now. Which is what you did, thank you