* Author Topic: Anyone had similar symptons for BFP and BFN???  (Read 836 times)

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Hi Im on my 10th IVF.I had no symptons for my first 7 attempts during my 2ww,but on the 8th(my lucky number) I knew I was pregnant on the table straight after ET and I had cramping feeling up to preg test.My beta was 300 on day 12 and we got to see a sac and heart beat ,then I sadly mc.
Last time I had similar cramps but BFN and now Im on my 2ww(ET was Wed) and again a few slight cramps esp on day and day after ET.
Im wondering if the sensations I had for my BFP will always be an indication that Iam pregnant or I can get no symptons and get a BFP.I know from friends who have had children that they say that no 2 pregnancies are the same.
Has anyone had experience of this( particularly us ladies who have had multiple ivfs)?
Good luck to everyone.Thinking of you and wish you bundles of luck
Rosie x


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    Re: Anyone had similar symptons for BFP and BFN???
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    Hi Rosie,

    From my experience you can get the same symptoms and get a BFP.  My first IVF attempt worked and I have a friend who has had 6 IVF's all BFN.  When I spoke to her in my 2ww and told her I didn't think it had worked, she made me more upset because she said that she had the same sypmtoms and got a BFN.

    Good luck and hang on in there.