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I have my HSG a week on Thursday (March 3rd) and I'm already pooing my pants a bit  :'( .

I've been told to take some painkillers beforehand.

Some people have advised Paracetamol, others Ibuprofen.

Can anyone tell me which is more effective? (any advice/opinions would be great!)

Laura xxx

Hi, I've had three HSGs in total, and always taken nurofen plus about half an hour before the procedure, then some paracetamol once I come out, along with a nice cup of tea and some cake.

Best of luck

Thanks, Helen.

If you don't mind me asking.... how did you find the HSGs?

Laura xxx

I have to honest and say the first one wasn't pleasant and I found it quite painful, the second and third ones I didn't even know they were taking place, I couldn't even feel them.  I'm not sure why there was such a difference, I did have a child in-between but he was delivered by csection so can't explain it by saying child birth may have stretched cervix for example, only thing I can think is that HSG two and three were carried out by a different doctor to HSG one,  and at a different hospital so maybe some of it down to skill of the doctor and also the equipment they use.  Where abouts will you be having yours done?

I'm having mine at the New Royal in Edinburgh x


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