* Author Topic: Banned Pregnancy Tickers (showing embryonic developmental stages)  (Read 34822 times)

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Re: New tickers from babygage.com
« Reply #10 on: 8/07/05, 19:20 »
Thanks Kim, it worked.  I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise.


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    Re: New tickers from babygage.com
    « Reply #11 on: 9/07/05, 16:55 »
    Mel - I think it's a good idea about the tickers from babygage.

    To those women concerned about seeing posted piccies of babies and scans - these are what kept my strength up during my icsi journey after many years of ttc.  It showed me that there was hope, and that it had worked for some people.

    Wishing you all the luck and babydust in the world!


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    Unfortunately, it has become necessary to ban tickers from a site called The Bump . com (without spaces). This is purely because the site, when it goes into maintenance mode, replaces the tickers with large adverts which take up most of the page. This has been happening increasingly frequently of late and we feel it is disruptive to FF and our members.

    I apologise to anyone who was using one of these tickers. Please replace yours with those from other sites.