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Thank you  for looking here before clicking to register.  :)

Do not use your email address as your username.

If you wish to remain anonymous, do not choose a username which could give away your identity. ;)

If you are looking to support a relative or friend who is suffering from infertility or undergoing treatment.
The best way to support them is to show them this site and encourage them to join themselves.  If you are just looking for general information on infertility you do not need to register.
Information regarding treatments/procedures can be read without registering.  For Fertility Information Guides and Articles.

Duplicate accounts are NOT allowed.  Any found will be deleted.  If you have forgotten your account details, please Click Here To Contact Us first.

Spouse/Partner Accounts.  If your spouse or partner is already a member here and you want to open your own account, please state in your reason for joining that this is the case.  This is to prevent rejection as a duplicate account.

For forgotten passwords, click the link provided when you sign in or contact us via the Contact Us form.

Media & Researchers requests Please click here to read the rules for media and researchers before registering.

Professionals; We do not currently allow professional to join as members unless they are doing so as a patient/end user.  Please state clearly in your reason for joining that this is the case or use the Contact Us form below.

Clinics are not permitted to join the site.  Please contact us via the contact form if you wish to address anything seen on FF.

Advertising your own (paid for) services/products/business is not permitted on FF without prior agreement from Site Management.  Please contact us on the form below if you want to advertise.

Surrogacy - advertising to be a surrogate or for a surrogate is illegal: http://www.nataliegambleassociates.co.uk/
Unfortunately UK law does not allow potential surrogates or intended parents to advertise.  You may post on FF to network with/support others on either side of the surrogacy route, but not to seek a match.

"UK law states gamete donation cannot be done for profit and only reasonable expenses paid for each donation.
If you are looking for a donor you may post to state you are looking (with detail of clinic/reference number and basic requirements) but may not mention any form of financial compensation/reimbursement in your post.  Reasonable expenses is something you need to discuss one to one when a match is made and off site."
You may advertise that you have eggs/sperm/embryos to donate/share altruistically, however you may not make any reference to financial compensation from the recipient in your post. FF reserves the right to remove any adverts that we feel are inappropriate or that we suspect are not made with altruistic intent.

If you have tried to register we will normally approve membership within 24 hours.  If you have not had your confirmation email in that time, please first check your spam/junk mail folders before contacting us. It is possible your account may have been rejected.  It will be rejected if:

 - You fall into any of the categories above and have not made your intentions clear.
 - You have used one word reason for joining (for example example "TTC" or "infertility"), or you have missed off/given incorrect information in your registration.

If you feel your request to register was valid and you have not heard from us to confirm your account has been activated after 24 hours, please contact us using the Contact Us form below.

The site contact form will allow you to email the management team so we can address your requests efficiently.

The site contact form can be found by clicking HERE

Fertility Friends reserves the right to remove any user accounts as we feel is necessary.

Many thanks



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