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DH's sperm count is 0.42!! He has fathered a child from a previous marriage (HOW??!!)
He has stopped taking hot bath; taking vitamins etc...

Has anyone else had this problem?

its possible his count was always low but fluctuates to better levels sometimes and it may have helped if his previous partner was young and super-fertile.  Otherwise, it could be a blip - sperm counts can be devastated by illness, stress, alcohol consumption etc so maybe in 3 months his sperm count might be quite a bit better - although its unusual to go from a count as low as this to a normal count.  lifestyle factors like vitamins might help, but again, its unusual that they would be able to get him from a very low count to a normal count... that said, if you end up going on to IVF-ICSI etc, every bit of improvement can help.

Thanks so much for your reply!

It is what I thought.

It has been 3 months since his last test. He has another test next week.

he has had major stress in his life.He has been fighting a court battle to see his son from previous marriage. Nasty ex-wife. His ex-wife was younger (and I am assuming super-fertile).

The fertility expert told us that stress doesnt really affect the sperm count... but DOES effect women!

As the subject says, really - I've had a second sperm test concluding asthenozoospermia (9% progressive, 20% sluggish, 8% non-progressive, 63% non-motile) and poor morphology (10% normal forms), but the concentration of sperm is high (72 million / ml in 6ml).
Can a high sperm count make up for a low proportion of progressive, normal sperm cells? (Here's hoping...)

... or come to think of it, is a high concentration the reason for low motility - do they all get in each other's way, like on the Tube during rush hour?  :)


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