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Hello all, after 3 failed icsi cycles (mfi, frozen sperm from tese) our clinic are now focusing on me.I've had a hysteroscopy and d and c and a load of blood tests. Got some results today and the onlyeons out of range is Protein C activity. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this or advice they could give? Not quite clutching at straws but nearly! Thanks for reading.


if you have low protein C, it may indicate a problem with 'sticky blood' - there is more info on how its treated for fertility in my FAQ under T for thrombophilia in the investigations and immunology section.

Hi agate, thanks a million for the reply. I should have been more specific; my protein c result was higher then the range not lower. I'm finding it hard to find out the significance of this or even if there is any! If you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

Thanks again,

elevated protein C levels aren't usually a problem..

ray of hope:
Hi all, I am new to this site. I wanted to be in contact with some ladies out there with similar experiences as me as it can feel so loneley and depressing. I have had problems for 5 years now trying to have a baby.
It started in Jan 2007 when I had graves disease and had to be admintered Radioactive iodine to turn my hyper thyroidism to hypo. Was not allowed to concieve for 6 months. After that had settled I went to see a consultant around period pains and was diagnosed with Endo, cos it was private she rushed me to have laser surgery to treat it. Bad choice found out years later. I conceived in DEC 2007  it ended in a m/c in FEB 2008, conceived again in OCT 2008 and ended in Nov 2008 as a ectopic had surgery and to my surprise was called in later by the consultant to be told it was choriocarcinoma, ( a very aggressive cancerous preganancy). Started chemo in Dec 2008- May 2009 told not to concieve for a year after my chemo had finished . I was so close to a year when the cancer came back again in Feb 2010  :'( , had to start a more agressive chemo and told once i was in remission to leave it for another year which brought me to May 2011. I concieved this month just to find out I had a chemical preg/MC.
It does get down that it can be so hard for some people to have children yet others have them abundantly, need friends!! ;)


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