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Drugs: Selling, Trading or Exchanging is Not Allowed

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In the UK it is illegal to sell, exchange or trade medications, drugs and some supplements unless you are licensed to do so. *This includes offering to collect and courier precription medication obtained (i.e.) abroad for another member even if it is legitimately prescribed and packaged for them.

For your own legal protection, you must not offer to sell, buy, collect, deliver or exchange drugs, medications or supplements from/to/for other members. Members doing so will be banned from this site.

There is an extensive thread detailing places where drugs can be purchased legally at competitive prices. https://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=9821.0 (start at the last page for the most recent information).

Left over drugs should be returned either to your administering clinic, or to a pharmacy for correct disposal. 

* Amended 22/05/12



It has come to our attention that a number of members have offered to collect and courier prescribed drugs from clinics abroad to patients in the UK. Unfortunately, this also falls foul of UK laws around medicines and drug trafficking and therefore we must ask that you do not use FF's forums to make such arrangements.


Can I please remind members that we take the selling of drugs seriously here on FF, while we can appreciate that some of you could be left with expensive drugs and that they could benefit someone else at a reduced cost it still remains illegal and we would not want to see a member of FF get into trouble.

If we do find that a member is selling drugs on FF an instant ban will be issued, we have enough warnings on FF advising you against selling drugs.

Kind regards


Can I remind members that it is an offence to offer any drugs for free or for sale here in the UK.


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