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Feeling like a failure
« on: 3/07/11, 18:36 »
I feel like a failure. I didn't bully my consultant into diagnosing DHEA or to insist on immune testing which seems it works for everyone. I'm not listening to Zita West religiously as DH think she's a rip off merchant and won't even entertain the idea of getting the CD's. He actually laughed at the idea of chomping on bee pollen which everyone else seems to be raving about. So basically feel like I'm not rich enough or matter enough or am enough of a bully to get my baby. Feeling pretty rubbish. Got a new neighbour moving in with "a boat, three cars and a baby"  sure she has a fabulous career and is achingly glamorous too and here's me, packed in the career for treatment and spends most of my time with a dog who semall and a cat who appears criminally insane. Disney don't tell you this will happen, you're supposed to meet your prince and live happily ever after with cute baby prince and princesses ffs not meet your Prince have poop loads of hideous and intrusive treatment, end up fat, broke and spotty.

I feel slightly beetr for a rant so thankyou, possibly a Pimms will make me fell even better


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