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transfer day!
« on: 20/07/11, 07:24 »
Hi been doing long protocol and doing menopur and suprecur injections. had egg collection on monday and they collected four eggs got a call yesterday and 3 had fertilised so going this morning for embryo transfer and so excited and nervous! any tips on keeping calm and sane for the next two weeks? xxx
Thank you good luck to everyone  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^


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    Re: transfer day!
    « Reply #1 on: 20/07/11, 10:26 »
    Congrats Kirsty1.. May your little embies make you their home for the next 2 weeks!!
    All I can say is get some relaxation CD's try acupunture and meditaion (has helped me in the past) the first week take it easy no heavy lifting, no strong scents (perfume) don't have a shower for a day or so and no bathing!
    Go for gentle walks and then chill on the sofa.. I went back to work the second week only part time but I needed to as I was going a bit loopy loo stairing at the walls!!
    Good Luck xx