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40 and trying naturally - any advice/tips?
« on: 17/09/11, 14:25 »
Hi ladies

I turned 40 in July and since then have decided to try for my second child - yikes.  I am single so using a known donor.  I don't plan to start til Oct and in the meantime I've had my FSH tested (came back at 4. Something) and am having my 21 day test in 10 days.  Assuming this is fine (praying it is) - should I have my AMH tested or wait and see? 

I was lucky enough not to need any treatment 4 years ago - but am a lot older and whilst I was a fitness fanatic 4 years ago I'm in reasonable shape now and we both lead a pretty healthy life!

Really desparate for it to work.

A x


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    Re: 40 and trying naturally - any advice/tips?
    « Reply #1 on: 26/09/11, 00:15 »
    hi im all-so going to be using a known doner its friends of our i have to grown up sons 22 and 19 an my husband has to grown up children but we long for bringing up a baby together as we cant use my dh sperm as he has 99% abnormal sperm and he is 48 im 41 the donor is 41 and father of 5 children his youngest is 12 months and his wife has pco and she said if he can get me preggers then it should work for me lol i have regular 28 period and im ovulating as i use a clear blue fertility monitor to test would love to get in touch to no how you get on  best of luck xxx