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Hello, I'm new and 42. Am I allowed in? X
« on: 25/09/11, 15:29 »
Hi, I live in Dorset and rather hoping to find myself an IVF buddie....

We are with Mr M Dooley at Poundbury and Winterbourne Dorchester

Just started my first day of Buserelin today, I honestly do not feel that I know enough about all this and here I am stabbing all sorts of cocktails into my tummy - madness isn't it?  Does anyone else feel that the instructions are just so ?????, well just instructions really.

I have been having acupuncture and Chinese herbs and I can hold my hand on my heart and say that they have worked for me, you see my period for as long as I can remember has lasted two days, it's a spit and a half, hardly worth buying products for sometimes.  Well, I had my first acupuncture in august and whilst on holiday end of august in Turkey (most inconvenient) I had a six day period and I seriously thought the gates had opened, family members had to track down a shop that sold something that could cope!!! Ooowww I know  :-\
I am just excited by the news from stabby man that I have a clean endometrium now and not a checker board effect one that I usually get.

Follies looked good on last inspection, another scan on Tuesday so fingers crossed.

Love to all mummies to be. Xx   Hope to speak soon  :)


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    Re: Hello, I'm new and 42. Am I allowed in? X
    « Reply #1 on: 26/09/11, 13:10 »

    Sorry - I can't be an IVF buddy at the moment! But I wanted to say I'm so glad you found acupuncture working for you!

    I turn 42 in December and have been going for acupuncture to ensure good egg production. I usually get really bad cramps when I have my period, but last month, after the acu session, the cramps were quite tolerable. And usually I have to take loads of strong pain killers for the cramps. So the acu must be doing something down there!

    Good luck with everything.