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need advice
« on: 26/09/11, 22:40 »
hi havent written on here for ages, nothing positive has happened for me, so this is rather long.... i have been undner the lister i london see in the consultant jaya who i was recommended to see via this site. since october 2010 i've had 5 attempts at ivf. the first time i had slight response from meds but only 1 follicle got to size then i ovulated early even though i was on suprecur, the second time my body totally shut down and didnt respond at all so we abandoned.jaya advised me to try taking the dhea drug to see if it could make a difference then started the 3rd attempt, i was on centrotide and low dose of menopur, i responded with just 3 follicles that grew to size but all was going well and looked positive,i was worried that i was being left too long cos of previous cycles but they kept pushing the day of collection back and unfortunately got all the way into theatre to find on my scan that i'd already ovulated! so upsetting, feel like it may have been my only chance.......i had iui instead just in case but no joy. my next attempt again had no response so was abandoned. last time was in august, i responded to meds then the growth of the follicles just stopped and wasnt good enough size for collection so continued with meds and by day  17 i'd ovulated again and over ridden the drugs. the consultants have discussed my situation and say the protocol i've been on is the only one they can try......we're up to london tomorrow for a consultation to whether theres anything else we can try, which i doubt. in one way i feel like giving up cos i feel rubbish, and every knock back gets worse. also discussing about using donor eggs tomorrow, maybe that'll be my only chance, i've been told a little about it, has anyone here been to shady grove in america? or madrid or ireland? these are the few places so far i know of. i just wonder how much do they try to match you and the donor? ??? i'm just concerned as i'd not tell anyone if i went down this route and if all was succuessful and had a child that had no similar characteristics to myself people would know!!!!! has anyone got advice on donor or a miracle idea to make me fertile again!!!


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    Re: need advice
    « Reply #1 on: 26/09/11, 23:02 »
    Hi Lucy,

    I am so sorry to hear about how things have gone for you.  ^hugme^ I'm also at the Lister and did 3 cycles there (though 1st one was cancelled). The second cycle I had 2 follies and 1 egg, and the 3rd time I had 6 follies and 3 eggs (had taken DHEA and was on the short protocol with max dose menopur).

    My advice would be to go along to the appointment and ask them to give you an honest estimate of your chances - we were given 3 % with our OEs.  :( We have now moved on to donor eggs with Shady Grove (have just started our first cycle) and if you do want to know anything more about that then let me know. There is a thread for Shady Grove in the North America section, and I'm sure you'll find lots of info about the Spanish clinics too. Just quickly, at Shady Grove you choose your donor from a database that includes lots of information about physical characteristics, education, health, family background and health, and which also has photos.

    Making the move to donor egg was a big decision for us, but we are now very comfortable that this offers us our very best chance (50% +) at becoming the family we have always dreamed of being. As I said, see what happens tomorrow, but pm me any time if I can help further, or come and say hello on the Shady Grove thread.  :)

    Jen xx