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My name is Wendy and I'm the volunteer for the pregnancy loss and stillbirth threads. I wanted to welcome you to this board and tell you how sorry for your loss I am. To make it easier for you to navigate I've put links to some of our support threads below.

Please do use this place to grieve, remember and support. In my own journey with loss I have found this board a real 'safe place'.


Wendy - Forget Me Not - A place for you to remember your loss and to give others a chance to offer their condolences. - Garden of Peace - A place for you to remember your loved one and add photos of your your baby. -Pregnancy Loss general Chat and Support - A place of support where others will understand. -Cervical Incompetence Thread - A place of support and advice for those with this specific condition.

[size=78%] [/size][size=78%]- [/size][size=78%]Trying again after loss. Support for when you want to try again.[/size] - Stillbirth and neonatal Loss General Chat and Support - For those who have later losses. -Ladies Under Investigation for Recurrent Loss Chat - It's gruelling working out what's what, get advice and support here. - Ectopic Loss - General Chat and Support - For those who have lost ectopic pregnancies. -Twin and Multiple Loss Chat - For those who have lost multiple pregnancies. - For Those Who Have Made The Most Heartbreaking Decision - A place where people who have had to make the decision to save their child from further suffering.

Thank you. Never been on here before it's all a bit confusing and I'm trying to find out more about TNf alpha and nk cells. If you can help at pointing me in right direction. Thank u. Vanessa

Hi Vanessa

Have you been to the immunes boards? There's a very informative FAQs page and Agate is very helpful on there.

On my phone so unable to put up a link, but should be easy enough to find from the home page.



We just lost our momo twin girls at 23 weeks and am trying find some support from girls who have been through similar?



Haemochromatosis is an often undiagnosed condition affecting iron levels - which research is beginning to link to early loss (often referred to as chemical pregnancy). A member recently had this condition diagnosed and as its not that commonly discuss I thought it would be a good thread to save on here:



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