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Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding
« on: 29/10/11, 20:46 »
Hi everyone

I am now 21 weeks pregnant with a beautiful little girl and now looking at decisions to make in preparation for her arrival.
I have decided that I want to try and Breastfeed but at the same time express milk so that my partner can join in on the feeds. A friend of mine has said that you need to wait at least 6 weeks before introducing a bottle but wanted to find out if anyone has had any success of using both feeding styles.

Also I have read about Breastflow Bottles and was wondering if anyone has experience with these and whether they are any good.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Katie and Lo xxx


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    Re: Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding
    « Reply #1 on: 29/10/11, 22:01 »
    Hi Katie,
    I tried to exclusively breastfeed for the first 2.5 weeks, but was struggling to produce milk (due to various things) and after 2.5 weeks my baby had not put on any weight (having lost it initially as they do) so the midwife sent me to A&E and we were admitted.  I was then told to express milk and feed him every 2 hours, but again I wasn't producing any milk (well, not enough), so finally a (sane) nurse advised me to do alternate formula feeds.  We were in the paediatric ward this time and they were far less obsessed with breastfeeding because they see so many babies like mine who are not putting on any weight and end up back in hospital.
    Anyway, since then I have been mixed feeding; formula, EBM (expressed breast milk) and breastfeeding.  I have to say that he has good days and bad days when it comes to the breastfeeding as in some days he latches on fine, but others he seems more "lazy" and vaguely chews at my nipple (ouch!), however, he is still small (only 5lb 9oz) which may be a factor.  But ultimately I think it is possible.  If I had the choice I probably would have waited the 6 weeks, which may be a bit tough on your partner, but better for all in the long run.
    You should do what you want to do though and don't underestimate your natural motherly instincts!  ;)
    Oh and I just use Avent bottles and the ones I got from the hospital!
    Good luck and hope that helps.  I'm sure others will be along with their thoughts.
    GIA Tooxx

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    Re: Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding
    « Reply #2 on: 29/10/11, 23:05 »
    The best advice is to get yourself and her comfortable with bf before you try mixing things but this could take 5 days or 5 weeks it's different for everyone

    I would be wary of leaving it too late as Stanley for example wouldn't take a bottle because he didn't have one early enough

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    Re: Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding
    « Reply #3 on: 31/10/11, 10:24 »
    My experience may be a little outdated (my eldest is 18!) but I remember that if he knew I was in the room he would refuse to take a bottle.  His first bottle was around 5 weeks when my then DP and I went out to the cinema for my birthday and his aunty and uncle babysat.  I was lucky in that I breastfed all 3 of mine without any problems, but I appreciate that it can be hard.  Feeding isn't the only way for the non-birth parent to be involved - there's nappy changing, winding, playing, lots of other things. 

    My DW is keen for me to be involved with feeding when ours is born, but I'm happy for her to establish breastfeeding first, if that's what works best for her and the baby.  I'm also aware that it might not work out that way.  What matters most is that mum and baby are happy and well and if that means that I have to wait to join in with feeding then so be it.  When it comes to night feeds, I can help with passing her the baby to feed and then changing his/her nappy if need be.

    Everyone works out their own ways, and I suppose there is really no right/wrong way.

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    Re: Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding
    « Reply #4 on: 1/11/11, 20:16 »
    Hi Katie and Lo
    We tried to do this - unfortunately weren't that successful and it all became a bit stressful. Breastfeeding wasn't a problem, our daughter got the hang of it quickly and our very sane midwife told us that once she was established (which was less than 2 weeks) there shouldn't be a problem introducing a bottle, and her advice was to do it as soon as possible. Which we did, and she took it fine, one a day from my partner for 4 weeks or so, then one night she spat it out and screamed, and the next 4 months were a tale of us trying different bottles, times of day, EBM, formual, me giving it, my partner giving it, a childminder giving it etc, she DID NOT WANT the bottle! She only started taking it again when she was weaned at about 6 months. Unfortunately i don't think that there's anything much we could have done except perhaps feed her more regularly/consistently once she took the bottle.
    But to cut a long story short, yes you can feed her with a bottle as soon as you have breastfeeding established, unfortunately our experience is that it's not guarantee that dual feeding is going to work for your baby. It was a good less for us at least that our best laid plans were no guarantee!

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    Re: Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding
    « Reply #5 on: 14/11/11, 14:36 »
    Just to add our experience...
    I breastfed exclusively at first and it took us a few weeks to get the hang of it. At 5 weeks (as suggested in my babybook) DP started giving him one bottle of expressed milk per day (most days!) At 4 months we tried him with the odd bottle of formula as I was finding it harder to express and it gave me a bit of freedom to go to a hen do :) Now (at 6 months) he has all his feeds from the breast plus a top up of 60ml of formula before bed (To keep him in the habit of taking the bottle and to keep him fuller for longer and sleep longer - well thats the idea...) DP used to give this to him but now I usually do it straight after breastfeeding. He happily takes it and will happily take the odd full bottle of formula from DP if I go out. I will continue breastfeeding until I go back to work but I like to have the option of the occasional bottle feed.
    Best wishes,