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Hi All

Looking for some advice from fellow high FSH/poor responder protocol ladies.  I'm on my first ICSI cycle and have been on Burserelin 0.5ml, all ok then started stims (Gonal F 450) last Tuesday.  My Day 8 was yesterday and I dropped the Gonal to 375 and added in Menopur 75 and went for my first scan this morning.  I produced 7 follies naturally so was hopeful for a similar number and I got:

Left: 3 follies (18,17,14)
Right: 4 follies (11,6,6,3)
Lining: 9.6

I was supposed to have my 2nd scan Friday and this has now been cancelled as my EC is now on Friday instead!! Eek! Trigger shot at 9.45pm tonight.  Has this happened to anyone else?  They feared pushing me further with stims in case I lose the 3 big follies.  They anticipate I will get 3 eggs. 

Is it likely that the follies will now just stop growing now the stims have stopped?  How long from trigger shot does it actually take for the eggs to hatch?

I'm trying not to panic but I have never heard of EC being b/f and I'm not sure it is a positive thing??

Any advice/experiences appreciated, thanks xx


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    Hi, I have low AMH and was a poor responder.  After my first scan I had 3 follies which were quite big (seem to remember lead one was about 24) and they brought EC forward by 3 days. I assume that they worried any longer and I would have lost them.  Once you've had the trigger I think that starts the process of maturing the egg ready for collection - they time it right from the injection to when you will go in although I was really paranoid that it would be too late. 

    As you can see, for me it was a positive thing so fingers crossed and lots of  ^reiki^ to you.  Hope all goes well tomorrow x

    Hopefulhrh thankyou sooooo much I feel so much better now :) I guess when they are ready they are ready and I'm thankful I have 3 follies that seem a good size! Congrats on your twins thats amazing! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxxxxxxx