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Hi there! I'd be grateful for a bit of advice or just someone who can tell me kids are sick all the time and it's fine!

Iris has had dodgy guts for the last week or so, but nothing too bad.  She then woke up on Sunday morning vomiting and was sick all morning, but was fine by the afternoon. She had proper diarrhoea yesterday and today is prolific, her bottom is red raw despite barrier cream galore. She didn't have a temp but tonight has started vomiting (everywhere, as soon as we get one location changed she's sick again or needs another nappy change!). It's like a comedy of errors we are all either naked or getting stripped off and into clean PJ's! The projectile vomit in my face was a new high on the parenting front I must say!

So after all that unnecessary detail I just want reassurance we just keep her hydrated and try to make it through to morning! Can some experienced parent out there tell me this is normal for a bug?! I am a worrier though so just wanted similar sick stories!

Love B x


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    I am no medic and it is really hard when they are sick for a long time, but kids seem to do that, they are just sick and then get on with other things like it never happened. If you are concerned do you have an out of hours doctor you could speak to.
    When DD was sick in Tenerife the local doctor advised us to give her diluted apple juice as apparently apples settle the stomach. That time she projectile vomited while in her car seat, now that was an experience.
    We have also experienced the numerous changes of clothes for all of us and it was very hard when DS was crawling and DD was sick as he just head straight for it, so we had to secure him into his highchair!! It is a nightmare,
    I do hope she is feeling better soon. I believe that kids can not eat for a week and will be ok.
    I have two poorly little ones in bed right now, DS is on anti biotics and DD is on brufen and her inhaler. Dreaded winter bugs!!!!!

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    Hi B - only me :0)
    Sorry Iris is not well. Us nurses are the worst for forgetting everything we are so calm about in our day to day work  ;)
    As you know, I am now triage nursing for GP out of hours and have taken a million calls like this overnight. The advise we give now is little and often re fluids ie. take control over LO gulping fluids by giving small amounts in beaker/bottle. Stick with water if possible. If LO is normally fit and well and a normal weight then they don't worry about food intake for up to 2 weeks. The general consensus now is, if the child wants it, let them have it, if you see it again then it's just more washing for us parents  :-\.
    I'm sure you know the real things to look out for: Uncontrolled temp, rash, drowsy child, no urine output.
    I hope Iris is better soon. Ned had D&V for 2 weeks at about 8 months old and I did eventually call my GP after about 10 days and they weren't concerned. I certainly hope Iris doesn't go on for that long!!

    Hannah xx

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    Thanks so much for your replies, 2mummies and Han. 2mummies the projectile vomit in the car seat doesn't sound too great! Yuk! I hope your 2 poorly ones are feeling better now. I can only imagine what it's like with two of them of one or both are being sick!!! Oh no, I suddenly feel unequipped for having another!
    Han, thanks for your advice. You're right, it's so easy not to panic when it's not your child, then everything you know goes out the window! If there was a pattern to it I would feel better, it just seems random days of d&v in varying combinations and then it all got worse. The sickness stopped last night and let's see what today brings. The amount of nappies we have been through has been amazing!

    Thanks to both of you for your reassurances, it's so worrying when they're poorly sometimes!

    Love B x x