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Our adoption story hopefully starts today

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Hi Everyone

Decided to start posting very early in the process after having a long talk with a friend who has just adopted she helped settle fears my husband and i had and ive made the 1st call to express our interest so hopefully we'll receive the information pack soon and we can get started we're both very excited and hope it all goes well.

i'll tell you a little about us im 33 and hubby is 36 we have been trying for a baby for 8 years after 2 years of trying we found out hubby had low sperm count so was unlikely to conceive natrually we followed the ivf route but was turned down as i had to loose 6 stone in weight and then funding became a problem, as the years passed we thought its never going to happen for us and have now decided to take the adoption route. fingers crossed everything will ok i know its going to be a long journey but we're prepared for that.

Thanks for listening and hopefully i'll be updating very soon.

Hi Emma

Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world on your adoption journey, it was the best decision of our life starting this journey and we have just been approved (week and half ago) and we are waiting for a match :) x

Will look forward to reading your journey xx

Love Loobys x

Hi looby

Thankyou so much we are so nervous but excited at the same time. We should have the forms tomorrow hopefully so we'll get them filled in this weekend and sent off on Monday.

Congratulations to you both hope they find a match soon for you. I've been reading your diary and it so interesting can't wait to hear about your next step.

Love Emma x

We recieved the info pack today and was surprised to see there was no application forms in there so we had a good read through it and called the number on the pack to say we wanted to go ahead so I should be receiving a call next week off a social worker to arrange a visit to see us and to start fill out the application form. I'm so nervous but it will be worth it all in the end.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Best of luck Emma, i'm at the same level as you now, waiting for the SW's 1st visit this week and due to start prep group in 2 weeks, maybe we'll be on this journey together  ^daisy^ ^daisy^


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