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Hello everyone!  ^wave^

So this is the start of our journey  :)  We have decided we would like to adopt!!  :) So after completing an initial telephone chat/mini interview, receiving our application pack and sending the expression of interest form, we are not so patiently waiting on an appointment date for our first visit with the SW!

I know that this is very early in our journey to be starting a diary but I think it would be lovely to get to know some of you, and share experiences with those who have, are, or are soon to go through the adoption process.  Any support, advice, stories or simple chat would be lovely, and will help keep me sane on what is sure to be the most exciting, yet nerve wracking journey ever!!

A little about our story so far:

Me 27, DP 30.  TTC our first for 4 Ĺ years, with PCOS and Endo.  We have had 3 failed ICSI cycles, everything was good on paper each time, yet our little embies didnít stay  :'(  I struggled so much with the emotional stress of treatment that we decided to stop after our third cycle and look at other avenues in order to be a family.  I work with many deprived children and while I know it is a totally different situation, have always felt that adoption would be a fantastic way to give a child a loving home and family.  DP took a little while longer to decide that this is a path he would like to take. 

We are hoping to get married within the next year, after I finish my degree in the summer.  Life is hectic as we have tried to fill it with things to deal with the massive void infertility has burdened us with.

The last few months have been hard and I find myself looking at LTTTC and treatment forums feeling the odd one out as this is no longer where I belong.  I am hoping to find a home here and regain a sense of identity.

Canít wait to meet you all!

Lolly ^hugme^ xxxxx

Hi Lolly,

Congratulations on your start of journey we're both at exactly the same stage only I've got the date for my sw visit and that's in 2 weeks time. Hopefully yours shouldn't be too long now we only had to wait a week so fingers crossed you hear soon honey.
It's so nice to find somebody at the same stage as us I hope we can keep intouch.

Good luck and hope to chat soon
Emma xx

Hi Emma!!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome ^hugme^ It would be lovely to keep in touch and go through the process together, I think that would help massively :)

I'm hoping that we will hear next week or early the week after as the letter we received said that upon receipt of the expression of interest form an appointment is allocated within 10 working days.  It just depends then how long the wait for that appointment is ::)

How exciting that you have an appointment  ;D Do they come to your home or do you go to them?

Lolly xxxxx


It's so lovely to find someone at exactly the same stage as us we'll defiantly have to keep
In contact.
The sw is coming to our house 1 night after work she was going to
Come as early as next Tuesday but she double booked do had to reschedule but waiting 2 weeks isn't so bad it will fly by. She said on the phone the course we need to go on starts in march so I assume that must be the start of the prep course.
I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. How are you feeling at the mo?

So lovely to meet you honey

Wow that seems so soon!! ^spin^ Sounds like the prep course as we have been told we will follow the same pattern, initial SW visit and then 3 day prep course.  The lady I spoke to from the adoption team said that after the initial visit with the SW it is time to start telling work etc so it could all start feeling really real really soon!!

Feeling the same as you I think!  Really excited, but then the anxiety hits me and the horrible 'what ifs...' start!  But all in all feeling very positive and raring to go ;D

Lovely to meet you too!!  ^hugme^ xxxxx


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