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« on: 8/03/12, 20:02 »
Hello ladies,

I just wanted to share something with you. My clinic did not categorise me as an official poor responder as they said they was 4 eggs or less. My first 2 cycles got me 5 and 6 respectively so I wasn't that far off!

Anyway, on this cycle I was also given dexemethsone. The consultant said that there was some empirical evidence that it could possibly help women who have responded poorly to stims before. He was really honest and said it was rather hit and miss but obviously you'll try anything  ::)

Anyway, at EC this time I had 17. I could not believe it. Of those 14 were mature and 10 went on to form good quality embryos.

I'm currently on my 2ww after having 2 blastocysts put back in. I just wanted to mention the steroid on here in case someone was looking for something 'else' they could do or discuss with their consultant.

Love you you all  ^hugme^


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    Re: Dexamethosone
    « Reply #1 on: 9/03/12, 17:54 »
    What wonderful news!  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^  for your 2WW

     ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^

    Tis xxx

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    Re: Dexamethosone
    « Reply #2 on: 9/03/12, 18:52 »
    Thank you! Fingers crossed for OTD this Sunday.

    I did just want ladies on here to know about the dexamethasone. I was originally prescribed it for immune issues but then at my embryo transfer, the consultant was saying how he couldn't believe the improvement in quantity and quality etc. Then he just commented that there was this empirical evidence that for some ladies it seems to just do this trick too.

    Since ET I have switched to prednisolone as this doesn't cross the placenta.

    I hope this information helps someone else too x