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Help with short protocol and microgynon
« on: 16/04/12, 20:57 »
Hi I'm new to fertility friends and I'm looking for some help please. I am 35 with an fsh of 14.7.  I am aware that this is high and I feel that it has something to do with my under active thyroid. I take thyroxin but my tsh level does vary quite a lot and I find it hard I keep it at a level.
After 3 years of ttc with no luck our consultant has referred us for ivf.  We have been made aware that I will probably be a poor responder and it was decided that I will do a short protocol. I was told to start taking microgynon on day 2 for 21 days and then wait for my next cycle to start so that I could go for a day 3 scan. When I went they found I had a cyst ony right ovary and only 2 follicles on my left. It was decided I would not start the injections and was told to try again the next month. I have been to the clinic today which is day 3 of my second cycle and the cyst is still there but now they cannot find any follicles so  this cycle has been cancelled. As I started 100mg of clomid on day 2 it has been decided that I won't take the pill this month and I will try again day 3 of next cycle. My question is has anyone else had this problem of found that the pill has caused a cyst as I am sure I did not have it prior to starting as I have been scanned before ? Also could it have caused there to be no follicles this month ? I  am hoping that a month of being pill free will give me better results next month. By the way I have been ovulating every month on my own on cd17 before starting this. Sorry to go on but I really need some answers or would like to hear from anyone who has had similar problems. Thanks x


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