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Hello everyone,

I'm just looking for advice from people who are perhaps in or have been in a similar situation to me. After my first failed ICSI cycle back in Feb at St Mary's, I have asked my GP to transfer my treatment over to CARE, I the hope of a better outcome. This will be my last NHS funded cycle and I read on thier website that CARE accept NHS patients.

Has anyone else had this experience? I so, how long was the whole process ect?

After my review consultation with the Dr at St Mary's I was left feeling heart broken, I was told the issue was mre to do with my low ovarian reserve, my AMH was 4.5 at the time. He mentioned to me that I should perhaps go down the donor egg route, something I hadnt thought about in any detail because I really didn't thn I had to. Reading stories on here has given me strength to try another cycle with my eggs and give myself the best start I.e Change clinics. A the ripe old age of 25! Surely it's not too late already?

Any pointers, tips, advice or general chat is welcomed with open arms :)

Thank you!!!!



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    Im currently at st marys and noticed on your signature that you managed to get TX transferd to Care , how did you manage to do that ? any advice would be appreciated