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Long v Short Protocol - Advice Needed
« on: 17/08/12, 22:07 »
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the pros and cons of being on a long or short protocol.  At first I was told I would be on the long protocol because they'll have more control over things and it has the better results.  Because I have a low AHM (7.37) and I'm 38 I questioned if I would be better off being on the short protocol.  I've had an AFC which was 11 and my FSH (hasn't been done recently) was 9. I've now been told that they both would have the same results and that it's down to us which protocol we'd like to be on.

I understand that the short protocol can be easier on the body because you don't down reg.  Don't know if this is even known but I guess we would would like to go with the one which is most likely to produce better quality eggs.

So now we feel more confused than ever! This is our first round of ICSI; using donor sperm so we would just like to go with which ever one gives us the best chances.

Thanks for your help.


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