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Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
« Reply #10 on: 10/09/12, 13:00 »
I've been keeping my eye on this hoping I can give my details and now I can! Looks like there are a few of us just getting our BFP's!!!

Age - 34

Level of amh - 7.9

Number of afc - 3 all the way through stimming then 5 when they did EC

Number of eggs at ec - 5. 3 fertilised and had 2 8 cell transfered on day 3. 3rd had started to fragment.

Number of treatments - Had 6 months on clomid and feel very lucky to have been successful first IVF

Dose of drug and long or short protocol  - short protocol. started on 225 menopor and increased to 450 as didn't respond well. Cetrotide for trigger shot.

Get inspiration and hope from other people but try not to get too hung up on other's stories and opinions. I got really upset just having 3 follies and nearly cancelled the cycle as so many people were getting lots and I felt that I didn't stand a chance. Quality is better than quantity. Everyone has a different story and a different way of coping. Do what feels right for you


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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #11 on: 10/09/12, 20:35 »
    Loran huni that is absotuley bloody brilliant so pleased for you  ;D  Xxxxxx big congratulations xxxxxx

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #12 on: 13/09/12, 19:37 »
    Thanks Jamie. I hope more people post on here as it would have given me encouragement to know that it can work xx

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #13 on: 18/09/12, 21:06 »
    I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant. I'm 35 with AMH<1. 

    I was due for IVF next year due to poor ovarian reserve (equivalent to age 42 approx).  I spoke to a consultant privately who recommended DHEA, but this is not licensed yet in the UK.  Its just had its first license specifically for POA/POF in the US at the centre for human reproduction in New York. Please check this clinic out for the research and results re DHEA-its impressive. 

    You have to take it for at least 100 days as this is how long it takes for follicle development.  Its not the number of eggs that's so important but rather the ovarian environment in which that egg has grown over the 100 days. By environment i mean hormone status etc.  I'm amazed at the number of people who don't know about DHEA-probably a reflection of clinicians feeling they can not recommend it.  You should check with a specialist before ordering it online, as it is a hormone. That said, my well know and well respected clinician, recommended it and never saw me again for check up, as its unlicensed he couldn't really!  He was quite confident in it and told me about other success stories-certainly in the international field of infertility treatment its now recognised.

    I had to post this as i trawled these sites for inspiration and success stories.  Wishing you all the v best, and  please please look into this for yourself. X

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #14 on: 25/10/12, 04:06 »
    I just had a 2nd cycle of IVF (Puregon 250), I got 5 mature eggs, 4 fertilised, 3 went to day 5 blast, 1 was transferred and 2 were frozen. Unfortunately I got a BFN but we will try for a FET soon (not sure if natural or medicated cycle), or alternatively, a 3rd cycle. I think this is a good result at age 38 and with an AMH of 2! Fingers crossed we will get there. Good luck again to all you ladies. It only takes 1 good egg and 1 good sperm hey!

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #15 on: 3/11/12, 07:42 »
    Great thread, I wish this had been around a year ago for me, so here goes I hope our story helps:

    Based on BFP cycle:
    Me 39 DH 39 TTC 2 yrs (me severe endo, DH all OK)
    AMH: 3.8
    AFC: 4 before stimming, 7 after stimming
    Eggs at EC: 7, five eggs fertilised
    ET: 2 put back both 8 cell 3DT
    Tx: 2nd cycle long protocol (1st cycle long too but BFN)
    Drugs: 300 gonalf + 150 luveris (same as first cycle) + for this BFP cycle 20mg Prednisolone (steroids to treat potential but undiagnosed immune issue)  I also switched to crinone instead of cyclogest this time which my body seems to prefer (much easier to use too)

    Other stuff:
    Nutrition - have been eating well (5 a day, limit refined sugars, no processed foods etc) for 2yrs now after seeing an excellent nutrionist.  Plus take 9supplements a day (pre-natal pack)  All that said though, like one of the ladies says above don't get boring!  We still go out for dinner, still have (decaf) coffee & cake, I eat chocolate every day etc  Life would just be too unbearable otherwise
    Accupuncture - once a week for 8-10 weeks before EC and before/after on day of ET
    DHEA - 3 x 75mg per day + 1 aspirin.  I don't know if this has made a difference as we used DHEA on the BFN cycle too but the clinic have been happy with my egg quality
    Testosterone - yep weird but this cycle I used testosterone patches for 2 weeks before stimming.  Its all just research and no proof but there's initial findings that say testosterone helps egg quality.
    Clinic/Consultant - be very happy with both.  Our consultant tailors every cycle to the individual and we always felt every discussion/decision was made with us on realistic info.  He uses the CRM clinic in London (apparently one of the best embryology labs in London) who have been brilliant (on both BFN & BFP cycles)  We're lucky that we could self fund and find the right solution for us
    Work - I reduced my hours to part time during stimms and had a sleep every afternoon (I think this has been a big contributor, apparently stress hormones and sex hormones are the same so I wanted all of my available hormones going into egg making!) + took the 2 week wait off and again slept whenever I needed it.
    Attitude - I know its hard but I just tried to get on with life and laugh lots.  I was even crying with laughter on the transfer theatre table (long story!)  Week one DH and I hung out in the country together basically being calm, eating lots and enjoying life.  We even went wine tasting in the 2WW, I just took the tiniest sip so I didnt feel left out.  Week two I took off on my own and did something I wanted to do every day (museum, shop, food market) + again slept loads sounds selfish but I think it helped.  I also agree with what one of the other ladies said, don't get hung up on other peoples numbers.

    Best of luck to all reading this, my BFP is all very new so now I'm going to focus on enjoying life some more and creating a lovely warm tummy for our baby/ies to stick around in :-)

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #16 on: 5/11/12, 23:40 »
    Hi ladies im 32 and told my Amh was less than 4 and that i might not respond to meds which made me cry :'( lol but reading this has made me feel a bit better thanks

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #17 on: 6/11/12, 20:37 »
    My details are as follows:

    Age: 33
    AMH: 6.2 - Low
    AFC: 11

    Follicles - 5
    Eggs collected - 8
    Eggs fertilised - 7
    Eggs transferred - 2
    Eggs frozen - 3

    I now have two baby girls.

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #18 on: 6/11/12, 22:26 »
    Hello ladies,

    What a great thread, thought I will add my details as well :)

    Age: 33 when cycled
    AMH: 3.44
    AFC: 6

    Got my BFP on my second try.

    Number of eggs at EC: 6 first time, 4 second time
    Number of eggs fertelised: 6 first time, 2 second time
    Number of embryos transferred: 2x blasts first time, 2 x3days embryos second time

    Did long protocol both times, Gonal F 375

    I also had some immune tx on my second try. First time I only took prednisolone , second time I I had pred.
    again, bit also clexane and Intralipids , I also needed progesterone injections. Not sure if immune tx is the reason why it worked the second time, maybe it would have work anyway, maybe not......who knows.

    I didn't do anything special prior to tx, except taking prenatal vits and also coenzyme q10. In fact I did something you really shouldn't do, I went on a boozy all inclusive holiday just prior to my second cycle ::) very naughty. Don't recommend doing it, but maybe sometimes it does do you good to relax a little bit as well.

    I did respond much worse on my second cycle and pretty gave up all the hope, but I got incredibly lucky and now have a wonderful baby boy :)

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    Re: Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #19 on: 10/11/12, 17:56 »
    Hi everyone,

    My details:

    Age 31
    AMH 5.5
    Currently cycling
    AFC 5
    EC 4
    Eggs fertilised 2, but only one started dividing
    Embryos transferred 1 on day2 (4 cell grade 1)

    I'm currently 3 days into my 2ww so I have everything crossed. ^pray^

    I'll keep you updated on how it goes.