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Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
« Reply #60 on: 2/09/13, 19:11 »
Hi there,

I had my first appointment today at the lister after about 5 weeks ago being told my AMH was 0.63 and FSH was 21.77 (age 31) to be told I am in fact pregnant! Have faith it can happen wether naturally or From IVF xxx


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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #61 on: 20/09/13, 17:14 »
    Its so reassuring to read success stories of those of you with similar statistics.

    I have been told i wasn't eligible for IVF ( no forms filled in this was just the consultant on tuesday) as my fsh was 15 and my amh was 1.2.

    Anyhow - trying to be positive - my DHEA arrived today so will be starting tomorrow with all of my supplements.

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #62 on: 25/09/13, 21:06 »
    Hi ladies,

    Age: 34 when cycled
    AMH: 2.65 in 2011 (g-d knows what it is now)
    AFC: 24
    FSH: 18 last checked in February

    Got my BFP on my third try.

    Number of eggs at EC: 7
    Number of eggs fertelised: 4
    Number of embryos transferred: 2 x 3dt, one 8 cell and one 7 cell

    Did long protocol with buserelin injections, menoral (LH) and fostimon (FSH).

    Also took...

    Dexamethasone from d/r
    Aspirin from d/r
    DHEA for 3 months before (hence 24 follicles and not 13 like the last two cycles)
    Zita West supplements for 3 months before
    Whey to go protein powder from d/r to egg collecton
    Clexane from EC
    Progesterone from EC
    Oestradiol valerate from EC
    Prednisolone 20mg from EC

    I also ate 3 brazil nuts a day and took a tsp of tomato paste and drank a glass of beetroot juice-still doing this now.
    Also went gluten free or as low as possible and low dairy, no red meat or citrus 2 months before the cycle.
    I had intralipids during the cycle and now.
    I had an endometrial scratch during stimming too.
    I have been doing acupuncture and last week tried hypnotherapy which was a experience.

    I am still on the clexane, progesterone injections, clexane and prednisolone plus the supplements and DHA (omega 3).

    I will stop rattling at 12 weeks when I can come off everything  ;D

    Quite a regime but it did the trick.

    Keep going, you will get there too xxx

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #63 on: 29/09/13, 13:08 »
    My AMH was 0.8 in 2011. I also had high and fluctuating FSH and Oestrodial. 14 weeks ago I gave birth to healthy triplet girls after 3 rounds of IVF at ARGC in 2012. Don't give up hope anyone out there who is found to have a low AMH... it is possible to still get pregnant..

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #64 on: 8/10/13, 19:22 »
    Ege, thank you.  That is just what I~ need to hear today.  2nd failed ICSI this morning.  AMH 1.6 and recommended to use DE? 
    Would you recommend Lister? Thanks hun xx

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #65 on: 23/10/13, 08:51 »
    hey Ladies,

    What a great idea for a thread, I'm going to put my details here in the hope that it will boost some of you that have just been given the "it probably won't work for you" line, because it's hard but sometimes it can just work. I hope so much that it will for some of you.

    Age at time of treatment: 38

    AMH: 0.4ng/ml    (very very low)

    FSH: 22 but went down to 13 when tested just before last cycle (not sure how, perhaps accupuncture?)

    No of AFC:  5

    Eggs at EC: 4

    Embryos: 3

    Number of treatments: 5

    Short protocol, Gonal F, no downregging.

    Other Information:
    Accupuncture: I had accupuncture every 2-3 weeks.
    After trying a few high doses of stimulation, my consultant believed that for me, high doses were putting too much strain on my ovaries that were already struggling. So final attempt was a lower dose of Gonal F (I can't remember how much now but can look if anybody wants more detail)

    I was told to move on and that it was never going to work for me. My daughter from that last attempt has just turned 4. I was lucky beyond my wildest dreams and very shortly after my DD was born, I fell pregnant naturally. My DS turns 3 next month. I wish I could post two photos of my consultants face on here, of that moment when she learnt the final IVF attempt had worked, and then again when I told her that I was pregnant naturally. She nearly fell off her chair twicwe because all my stats pointed towards IVF never working and certainly never becoming pregnant naturally! So it can work and the most important thing for me was believing this. Stories on here helped me believe that, and to all those people that posted their postive stories or others positive stories when I was cycling, I will be eternally grateful. I hope mine in turn helps some of you on your difficult journeys. There's not one day that goes past that I don't realise how lucky I am, I beat all the odds but there's no reason that that can't be one of you too.

    Take care and the best of luck

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #66 on: 14/11/13, 14:19 »
    Pls am sorry but I joined not long so I dont know what AFC means :-[

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #67 on: 15/11/13, 07:21 »
    Brown candy- afc is andral follicle count (don't know if I've spelt it right)!

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #68 on: 17/12/13, 13:33 »
    Well, I finally feel confident enough to be able to post at 20w pregnant!

    Age: 33 (at time of treatment)

    Level of amh: 2.4

    Number of afc 6 (I think but this was checked last in 2011)

    Number of eggs at ec: 4 collected, 4 fertilised (1 late fertilising but embryoscope picked it up as viable), 2 showed as abnormal through embryoscope so 2x 2dt put back.

    Number of treatments; This was my third

    Dose of drug and long or short protocol:  Short protocol, Gonal F this time, instead of Menopur.  Low dosage.  Also Estrogen & prednisolone taken after EC.

    To be fair, I don't know whether it was the change in protocol, drugs, embryoscope, hubby's varicocele op, the increased protein intake or cocktail of vitamins & suplements that I took prior to this cycle, but i'm proof that you should try absolutely everything you can think of and something might just work.

    We tried for over 4 years and it was heartbreaking every single day.  I truly wish everyone reading this the very best of luck.
    SK x

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    Feedback - Pregnant with a low amh?
    « Reply #69 on: 3/01/14, 23:10 »
    Hello ladies,
    It's really helpful to read these stories. We started IVF due to husband's low sperm count and it was only when we had the first scan that the unit told me my AFC was low - 5 one side and 1 on the other. First cycle was unsuccessful and then numbers were even lower second time and we've just found out that didn't work either.  :'(

    I'm worrying that I'm running out of time, which isn't helpful as this just adds pressure! Reading your stories shows there is still hope and that we shouldn't give up.  ^pray^

    If anyone has recommendations for private clinics that are good for low AMH and/or difficulty with implantation then please let me know as we're considering this route for the third cycle...

    Thank you!