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poor response & reducing Buselrin???
« on: 14/05/05, 13:40 »
Can anyone help - as you can see i'm 38 and fsh is 10. I have d/r since 11/4 - 3 wks & 5 days before starting stims. I'm on 0.5ml of buselrin & 450 menopur - max dose.
I had follies scan yesterday - day 9 - and have produced 5 ranging from 14 - 9 mm - i go back on Mon to decide whether to cancel tx or not

I've been reading old threads and a couple mention not d/r during ivf and 1 mentions reducing buselrin to increase response to stims. My clinic hasn't mentioned this -in fact they wanted me to d/r longer but i refused, i get the feeling that they think i'm awkward for questioning things a lot

Should i mention this to clinic on Mon - what would happen if i stopped d/r at that stage of tx - day 12 - would it improve response to stims or is it too late now and there's a good chance tx will be cancelled

Any advice would be really appreciated
thanks CaseyXX



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    Re: poor response & reducing Buselrin???
    « Reply #1 on: 14/05/05, 16:18 »
    It varies from clinic to clinic as to whether buserelin is reduced or not. Very important that it isn't stopped completely as your hormones need to be suppressed otherwise you would ovulate before time. Hang on in till Monday!


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    Re: poor response & reducing Buselrin???
    « Reply #2 on: 15/05/05, 10:19 »
    thanks Ruth and Molly for replying.

    Does anyone know what to do to encourage things to move along.

    Molly - what are BCP's and a PGD ?

    I'm going to ask for external scan tomorrow too as its difficult to get a proper internal scan from me - my ovaries play hide and seek ::) Do you think any follies could be hidden away