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Prenisalone, intraipids, egg intolerance
« on: 29/10/12, 11:07 »

I am wondering if you could help - i am doing IVF cycle 3 and will be taking prednisolone for high NK cells and clexane and am on thyroxin (the list ges on....). My query is that the clinic have also asked me to consider intralipids - i would say yes but i did an intolerance test a few years ago and it said i was intolerant to eggs - i still eat eggs and maybe feel a bit sometimes but dont get a bad reaction.
Anyone else got a mild intolerance and used intralipids ok?
Thanks! :)


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    Re: Prenisalone, intraipids, egg intolerance
    « Reply #1 on: 29/10/12, 13:19 »
    what sort of intolerance test did you do? Some of them are very unreliable.