* Author Topic: Day 7 of post ET of day 5 one compacting morula and the other of low grade  (Read 478 times)

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 I am so scarred and worried that i have no implantation bleed, no nothing at day 7 post ET. I am scared that i may not have this opportunity to have a go at another IVF round. I am 40years of age with very very limited finances. I am so angry at my on body to not want to give me the opportunity to have children without gruesome treatment and expensive cost. Yesterday i visited the loo more often to pee and had little twitches but that was it. I feel absolutely fine except for the worrying that IVF may not have been successful. :( :(


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    I had no symptons whatsoever after transfer but am now 28 weeks pregnant.  Others have lots of symptons and are pregnant, it varies so much it is impossible to tell anyting.  Try not to sympton spot as it doesn't tell you anything, even if you have symptons they may be down to the drugs and nothing else, if you don't have symptons you may have success.  Try and keep your mind occupied and yourself busy and keep away from google...

    I wish you lots of luck and success


    I agree Morag  'keep away fromGoogle is a good advice' Congratulations with 28wks preg. Praise God! I wish you all the best and the new arrival (s) at the due date.  Keep well and thank you for rubbing on me you calm spirit. Regards ^hugme^