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Hi everyone I'm new to the board & just finding my way around, reading lots & gathering lots of info!

My question is on here..... what are you opinions on Liverpool Womens Hosp for IVF?

We have had 2 IVF NHS failures with them so far & are waiting for a follow up appointment with them next month. We would prefer to stay with them for Private treatment (for various reasons mostly being were keen to try donor eggs in Cyprus through them). But so far I haven't been 100% happy with the treatment / care.

I'm not being entirely fair tho as my experience with the NHS due to fertility hasn't been great so its not all Liverpool's fault. I suppose I'm looking for some reassurance.

I feel like so far we've been treated more like a number & not an individual. After our first failed IVF it was me who suggested various tests / procedures to be carried out which they agreed to but i feel like I'm the one constantly asking & prompting them for it.

None seems to look at our individual case & come up with suggestions or actually take our history on board. I'm constantly reminding them about things. I'm also pretty frustrated we have been told on two separate occasions they don't carry out or even know of any progesterone blood tests!! Even though on both of my failures i have bleed very early (after 3 days & then 6 days on the latest cycle). After reading through this board it appears other IVF clinics carry out P4 tests for progesterone as standard.

I think the issue is we haven't had IVF anywhere else so i cant compare. Has anyone left Liverpool & gone elsewhere or joined them after cycling elsewhere?

Also has anyone had a private consultation with Dr Gazvani at his private clinic on Rodney Street? We have made an appointment for after our follow up at the hewitt centre to speak with him about immune testing. Anyone's experiences would be good to hear.

Im hoping now were Private we might get some sort of increased care / treatment. But iv also heard they treat NHS & private exactly the same so that doesn't reassure me! I don't mean to sound snobby its just after so many years of let downs, heartache etc i really need to feel like im receiving the best possible care & getting the best chance of success.



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    Hi,I had 3 fresh and 1 fet cycle with lwh.As you can see we were a first time success,but it was a bit harder ttc no2.I relatively happy with the care but small things like putting me on fostimon when I'd had a successful cycle with menopur really annoyed me,especially when I'd been told that I'd have excactly the same medication as for the successful cycle.I also had problematic transfers with inexperienced staff.The final straw for me was our appt with a certain doctor who obviously had not read my notes,kept going on about my age etc,mentioned donor eggs etc.I always averaged 15 eggs per cycle,got to blast and had 2 ab blasts transferred + still had 3 blasts on ice.I was fuming coming out of that appt,promptly made an appt with the embryologist who told me that our embryo quality was excellent and he was pretty confident that I would have another baby.We gave lwh about 15k of our hard earned money and the care was worse n than when we had our nhs go.I lost faith in them,changed clinics and had my little boy 6 weeks ago,1st go in the new clinic,wish i'd gone there straight away for our private treatment.So my advice is to move,look at immunes and definitely try another cycle with your eggs before going down the donor route.You can see in my signature which clinis I used,expensive ++ but cheaper in the long run than having failed cycles elsewhere.Good luck xx

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    Hi thanks for your honest opinion! That's really good info. I'd read a lot of good things with argc so will be keeping them in mind now.

    Another frustration today... I rang Liverpool to ask about getting copies of my notes & it has to be referred to the legal dep & will take weeks for them to process! I just don't get it. Is this typical nhs or just Liverpool?! I'm getting more & more frustrated & overwhelmed. Don't know what or who to use in the future to give us our best chance. Think ill have to spend the next few weeks doing more homework!


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    Hi, don't usually post but I feel you may benefit from what I have just experienced. We had 2 ICSI cycles and 1 FET at Liverpool paying privately as our PCT don't fund any NHS cycles. Although I have only good things to say about the nurses and embryologists I didn't feel we were getting enough information from the consultant who was Mr Gazvani and I wanted a much more individual approach. We decided in November to change to Care Manchester. I also had difficulty in getting our notes, in the end i rang the legal department and said I would pick them up as it was getting very close to our initial consultation at the new clinic, i would keep ringing them and if you can say you will pick them up. We had our first appointment at Care just before Christmas and I can't believe the difference. The consultant spent an hour and twenty minutes explaining what he thought we should do. He had obviously been through the questionnaire I had filled in and really thought about the best way forward for us. I was overwhelmed but very impressed. I thought I might be a case for immunes but he explained that even a excellent looking blastocyst can have an abnormal number of chromosomes and so has suggested we have the embryos screened before transfer. He said he doesn't think I am immunes case but they do some of the level 1 immune tests as standard. This is now our way forward.
    Hope this helps

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    I moved to LWH after appalling experiences at Care Manchester and they have been much, much better although still not perfect.  Agree with not being able to get enough info from Mr Gazvani and he forgot to do various things so I'm seeing someone else for follow up.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.