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I would love to hear from anyone that has had experience with a surrogacy cycle at New Life Georgia.

Especially anyone British as I would very much like to know about how you went about getting baby back to the UK.

Thanks in advance.

E xx

Eggtastic I sent you priv, but forget to attach the web side:
And this message boxes are so small, that I prefer to send it here:)


Hi there
E, I'm not sure what you want to know but most of the info is on the website that Selene sent you the link to. We have found New Life Georgia to be efficient, helpful and Sophie, Tamara and Ia to be so caring and supportive. Our precious Daisy died at 19 weeks and we have found it very tough to get through but we are trying again with a new surrogate (unmarried so that we have fewer issues with UK law) and some of our frozen embryos and will just pray that we are successful. We have found the clinic and Dr Nana to be all we could have hoped and we have no regrets about going with New Life Georgia.
If I can help further I will. I've not visited FF since we lost Daisy really as it's been easier to try and focus on day to day and other things, but I know how quickly you want to get responses when you're starting out so i will try to respond when I can.

Very best wishes to you
H  ^pray^

HEC good to see you back ;-*
This time with frozen embryo you try in Georgia with New Life again?
When is your transfer? Will keep my fingers crossed.
I am going to fly to Tbilisi next Wednesday for stimulation. I am a little bit scared, but determined in 100%. Wish me luck:)

Good luck, Kate!! :)


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